4th Annual Hawaiʻi Conference on Language Access (August 31, 2011)

4th Annual Hawaiʻi Conference on Language Access – Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kõkua – First Responders – Addressing Language Access Needs in Emergencies”: This conference brings together police and fire officers, emergency medical response teams, and hospital emergency personnel, together with members of the community, state and county agencies, non-profit and community organizations, service providers, and language access practitioners from all over the state, to address the following questions: How are language access needs in day-to-day emergency situations currently being addressed? What gaps exist in the provision of language access services? How can these gaps be addressed and how can services be improved?

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Part 1: Welcome & Primer on Hawaii’s Language Access Law
Part 2: Geopolitical Challenges
Part 3: Challenges to Providing Healthcare to COFA
Part 4: Homelessness and COFA Residents
Part 5: Education for COFA Residents
Part 6: Service Providers and Effective Outreach
Part 7: Message from Hawaii’s COFA Community Leaders