§16-85-55 Recertification Requirements

(a)   Certificate holders may comply with recertification requirements by having a current certificate from the National Registry of 
        Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).
(b)   Certificate holders who do not have a current certificate from the NREMT shall submit evidence of continuing education (CE)
         requirements that includes:

(1)   For EMT-Basic:

(A)   State approved EMT refresher training – twenty-four hour minimum;
(B)   Annual cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification; and
(C)   Forty-eight hours of additional continuing education in any of the subjects listed in section 16-85-56(a).

(2)   For EMT-Paramedic:

(A)   Forty-eight hours of paramedic refresher training, which shall include advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)
         certification or training deemed to be equivalent to that required for ACLS certification by the medical director of
         the training program;
(B)   Annual CPR certification;
(C)   Twenty-four hours of additional continuing education in any of the subjects listed in section 16-85-56(b); and
(D)   Documentation of skill maintenance.

(c)   There shall be no CE requirement at the time of a certificate holder’s first recertification if the certificate holder was initially
        licensed in the twelve- month period prior to the January 31 recertification date.
(d)   Certificate holders who were certified in the first calendar year of the previous biennial registration period, shall provide
         evidence of one-half of the CE requirements noted above.
(e)   Temporary certification shall be valid from the date of issuance of temporary certification to the date of release of results of
        the first examination following issuance of certification and the temporary certification shall not be extended.
(f)    At the time of recertification each certificate holder shall certify on a form provided by the board that the licensee has
        complied with the CE requirements. The certification shall be under oath if required by the board. The board may require
        any certificate holder to submit, in addition to the certification, further evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE
        requirement set forth in this section.
(g)   A false certification to the board by a certificate holder shall be deemed a violation of section 453-8(a)(15), HRS, and
        subject the certificate holder to disciplinary proceedings.
(h)   Failure to recertify and present such CE evidence as required shall constitute a forfeiture of certification, which may be
         restored within two years from the date of forfeiture provided the applicant pays all applicable fees, including renewal fees
         as applicable, and provides evidence of meeting the CE requirements.
(i)   The board may, when reviewing application for restoration, deny or reject the application in accordance with section 16-85-107.

       [Eff. 12/17/82; am and comp 7/27/87; comp 10/28/89; comp 8/25/90; am and comp 12/22/97]
       (Auth: HRS §453-33) (Imp: HRS §§ 453-32, 453.32.1, 453-32.5)