Job Opportunities


Click on a job title below to view the detailed vacancy announcement. Application instructions vary between positions. If you are interested in applying, refer to instructions in the specific vacancy announcement.

Opening DateJob TitleRecruitment NumberCategoryType of PositionLocationLast Day to Apply
11/03/23Account Clerk III124631
Civil ServiceTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
11/22/23ADAD Overdose Data to Action in States (OD2A-S)125223ExemptTemporaryEwa, OahuContinuous
02/14/23Automotive Mechanic I05786
Civil ServiceTemporaryKalaupapa, MolokaiContinuous
11/22/23Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Specialist106916ExemptTemporaryHilo, Hawaii12/06/23
04/10/23Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) Data to Wisdom Clerical Assistant123868ExemptTemporaryManoa – Kahala, OahuContinuous
08/23/23Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) Data to Wisdom Resource Coordinator124619
ExemptTemporaryManoa – Kahala, OahuContinuous
Rev. 01/10/22Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) Psychiatrist – Outpatient (PREA)104215ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – Aiea, OahuContinuous
Rev. 09/25/23Chief Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services123066ExemptTemporaryKaneohe – Kualoa, OahuContinuous
05/19/22Clinical Psychologist121340Civil ServiceTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
Rev. 10/25/23Communication Access Specialist101851ExemptPermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
03/30/23COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) Assistant Public Health Program Manager124176ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
11/15/22COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) IMB Program Coordinator (Adult Immunization)124069ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
12/09/22COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) IMB Program Coordinator (Vaccine Equity)124466ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
05/25/22COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) Office Assistant124079ExemptTemporaryHalawa – Kalihi, OahuContinuous
09/27/23COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) Procurement and Supply Specialist124178ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
08/12/22COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) Registered Nurse124074ExemptTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
08/12/22COVID-19 Additional Surge Staff (CASS) Registered Nurse124075
ExemptTemporaryVaries on the Island of OahuContinuous
08/30/23Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD) Compliance Officer121432ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
01/11/23Entomologist III & IV122139
Civil ServicePermanentLihue, KauaiContinuous
11/24/23Environmental Ombudsman106921ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – AieaContinuous
08/15/23Epidemiologist II124807ExemptTemporaryManoa – Kahala, OahuContinuous
Rev. 07/12/23Epidemiologist II112991ExemptPermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 09/15/22Epidemiologist II120339ExemptPermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
09/13/22Epidemiologist II122304ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
10/09/23Epidemiologist II124386ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – Aiea, OahuContinuous
10/21/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Account Clerk123892ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 12/19/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Business Analyst123503ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
10/31/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Data Engineer123501ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
06/01/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Physician123479ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
04/05/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Public Health Educator123478
ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 03/03/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Secretary Data Science (DS)123893ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
10/13/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Assistant State Laboratories Administrator123450ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – Aiea, OahuContinuous
05/30/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Biosafety Officer123476ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – Aiea, OahuContinuous
11/09/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Deputy District Health Officer124039ExemptTemporaryHilo, HawaiiContinuous
12/30/21Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Deputy District Health Officer124041ExemptTemporaryWailuku/Kahului, MauiContinuous
09/06/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Epidemiological Specialist123427ExemptTemporaryWailuku, MauiContinuous
08/31/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Epidemiological Specialist (Flu Support)123425ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
01/05/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Epidemiologist124042ExemptTemporaryWailuku/Kahului, MauiContinuous
10/05/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Epidemiologist
123463ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
10/05/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Epidemiologist123465ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
09/25/23Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Infection Preventionist123488ExemptTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
07/25/22Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases (ELC) Laboratory Assistant123428ExemptTemporaryWailuku/Kahului, MauiContinuous
02/14/23General Construction & Maintenance Supervisor I03429
Civil ServicePermanentKalaupapa, MolokaiContinuous
Rev. 09/25/23Hawaii State Hospital (HSH) Patient Rights Advisor123555ExemptTemporaryKaneohe – Kualoa, OahuContinuous
09/27/23Hawaii State Opioid Response Project Coordinator124911ExemptTemporaryEwa, OahuContinuous
11/28/23Maui Behavioral Health Wildfire Response (MBHWR) Fiscal Officer125272ExemptTemporaryDowntown, Oahu12/05/23
09/01/23Mental Health Policy (MHP) Housing Project Analyst125066
ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 10/17/23PREP Bilingual Health Aide (BHA)124263ExemptTemporaryKona, HawaiiContinuous
11/22/23PREP Office of Health Equity (OHE) Coordinator124054ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
07/14/23Pandemic Response Expansion Project (PREP) Office of Health Equity (OHE) Epidemiologist124061ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 08/03/22Pandemic Response Expansion Project (PREP) Office of Health Equity (OHE) Epidemiologist Supervisor124060ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
08/25/23Pandemic Response Expansion Project (PREP) Procurement and Contracts Specialist124011ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
06/30/23Pediatric Mental Health Care Access (PMHCA) Specialist124203ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
03/15/23Planner I – V121378Civil ServiceTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
01/28/22Planner III – IV122625
(III  21-0704)
(IV  21-0627)
Civil ServiceTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
12/20/22Planner IV121806
Civil ServiceTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 05/24/19Planner IV – V121804
(IV  21-7148)
(V  21-6142)
Civil ServicePermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
Rev. 10/25/23Planner and ADA Coordinator102158Civil SerivcePermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
08/29/22Program Specialist IV121431
Civil ServiceTemporaryEwa, OahuContinuous
08/29/22Program Specialist IV121467
Civil ServiceTemporaryEwa, OahuContinuous
08/29/22Program Specialist IV121469
Civil ServiceTemporaryEwa, OahuContinuous
08/24/22Program Specialist V52026
Civil ServicePermanentEwa, OahuContinuous
Rev. 05/19/23Program Specialist (Substance Abuse) IV21X004
Civil ServicePermanentEwa, OahuContinuous
07/20/23Program Support Technician I122529ExemptPermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
01/18/23Psychiatrist – Branch Medical Director122107ExemptTemporaryHilo, HawaiiContinuous
Rev. 11/16/23Psychiatrist – Inpatient100885
ExemptTemporaryKaneohe – Kualoa, OahuContinuous
07/21/21Psychiatrist – Inpatient102477ExemptTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
07/14/23Psychiatrist – Outpatient100222ExemptTemporaryHalawa – Kalihi, OahuContinuous
12/27/22Psychiatrist- Outpatient124450ExemptTemporaryKaneohe – Kualoa, OahuContinuous
07/14/23Public Health Educator III23X005
Civil ServiceTemporaryLihue, KauaiContinuous
08/31/23Public Health Educator V23X007
Civil ServicePermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
11/14/22Public Health Nutritionist II – III22X004
Civil ServicePermanentHilo, HawaiiContinuous
12/20/22Public Health Nutritionist III – IV22X005
Civil ServicePermanentHilo, HawaiiContinuous
06/01/23Public Health Nutritionist IV23X003
Civil ServicePermanentWahiawa-Kunia-Mililani, OahuContinuous
06/02/23Public Health Nutritionist IV23X004
Civil ServicePermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
08/03/22Research Statistician II-IV50196
Civil ServicePermanentDowntown, OahuContinuous
07/29/22Research Statistician III-IV121564
Civil ServiceTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
07/14/23Secretary III03140
Civil ServicePermanentManoa-Kahala, OahuContinuous
01/27/22Social Worker or Human Services Professional III & IV26892
Civil ServicePermanentWailuku/Kahului, MauiContinuous
08/23/23Student Helper II122508ExemptTemporaryDowntown, OahuContinuous
11/24/23Toxicologist103503ExemptTemporaryWaipahu – Aiea, OahuContinuous

Other Job Information

  • Current Department of Health (DOH) employees with membership in the civil service – Please log on to the intranet for other job opportunities.
  • Residency Requirement
  • Requirements for retirees of the State of Hawaii, Employees’ Retirement System, who are Returning to Work.
  • Job Fair Appearances – to be announced.
  • Information on other State Job Opportunities in the Executive Branch.
  • Don’t see a job that interests you? Submit a Job Interest Card to be notified by the Department of Human Resources Development about recruitment for positions in the Executive Branch in your area of expertise.
  • Employment inquiries for DOH? E-mail the DOH Recruitment Office.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Policy:  The Department of Human Resources  has rescinded the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for new hires assigned to work in congregate settings effective immediately.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy:  The Hawai‘i Department of Health is committed to maintaining an environment free from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability, or any other class as protected under federal or state law, with respect to any program or activity.

    For more information, including language accessibility and filing a complaint, please contact Acting Non-Discrimination Coordinator Valerie Kato at (808) 586-4400, [email protected], or visit HDOH’s website at