Vaccine Points

Vaccine Points is a bi‐monthly communication distributed by the Hawaii Department of Health to all participating VFC providers. Its purpose is to provide timely information on immunization topics.

August 7 – Hib Vaccine
July 24 – PCV Catch-Up
July 10 – Vaccine Intervals
June 26 – Immunization Record Review
June 12 – Mumps Vaccination
May 29 – HPV Vaccination
May 15 – 2009 Influenza Pandemic
May 1 – Test Your Vaccine Knowledge
April 17 – Mumps
April 4 – Gloves
March 20 – General Rule
March 6 – Immunization Record Review
February 20 – Pharmacist Requirements
February 6 – Invalid Dose
January 23 – Animal Bite Scenario
January 9 – CDC/ACIP Category B Recommendations

December 26 – Alaskan Iditarod Trail Race
December 12 – Postvaccination Serologic Testing
November 28 – U.S. Disease Elimination
November 14 – Smallpox
October 31 – Thimerosal
October 17 – Conjugated Polysaccharide Vaccines
October 3 – IM Vaccine Administration
September 19 – Inactivated Vaccines
September 5 – Nomenclature for Combination Vaccines
August 22 – Vax at 6 Mos.
August 8 – Pentacel
July 25 – Varicella Vaccine
July 11 – Quadracel
June 27 – DTaP Vaccine
June 13 – Serogroup B MenB Vaccine
May 30 – HPV Vaccine Therapeutic Effect
May 16 – MMR Vaccine 72 Hr PEP
May 2 – VAERS Reporting
April 18 – Tdap/Td Catch-Up
April 5 – Partial Dose
March 21 – HPV Vaccine Contraindications
March 7 – Polio Vaccination Series
February 21 – Rec. Immunization Schedule 0-18 Yrs.
February 7 – Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine
January 24
–Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine
January 10–Hib Vaccine Series

December 27 – MMRV Vaccine Precautions
December 13 – HBIG PEP
November 29 – Underinsured VFC Eligible Children
November 1–Adverse Reaction to Vaccine
October 18–Pediatric Flu Doses
October 4–Rotavirus Doses
September 6–Varicella Immunity
August 9–School Entrance Immunization Requirements
July 26–Measles Immunity
July 13–Minimum Temperature
June 14–Pre-Employment Physical
May 17–MMR as PEP
May 3–Preterm With HBsAg-Positive Mother
April 19–VIS Updates
April 5–Expiration Date
March 22–Identify the “Extra” Dose
March 8–2016 Recommended Immunization Schedules
February 23–Documentation Following Vaccine Administration
February 9–Hep B Test Post-Vax
January 26–Zoster Error
January 12–Evaluating Immunizations Due/Overdue

December 29–Rotavirus Vaccine Schedule
December 15–Dose Sizes
December 1–Vaccine Information Statement Updates (Multi Pediatric Vaccines and PCV13)
November 17–Antibody-containing Blood Products and MMR Vaccine
November 3–VFC Program Eligibility
October 20–Contraindications to Childhood Vaccines
October 6–Federal Requirements for Vaccine Information Statements
September 22–Influenza Vaccine Dosages
September 8–Digital Data Loggers Webinar Archive and Resources
August 25Haemophilus influenza type B Recommendation
August 12–Vaccine Storage and Handling Freezer Temperature
July 28–Transition from HPV4 to HPV9
July 14–Vaccines Administered by Incorrect Route
June 30–Hepatitis A Recommendation
June 16–PCV13 Recommendations
June 2–Presumptive Evidence of Immunity to Measles
May 19–Measles 2015 Webinar Archive
May 5–Laboratory Confirmed Measles and MMR Vaccination
April 21–Vaccine Information Statement Updates (Hib, Rotavirus, Td, Tdap, and Gardasil®-9)
April 7–DTP Series Completion with Tdap/Td
March 24–Timing of MMR Vaccination and Tuberculin Skin Test
March 10–Vaccine Immune Response
February 26–Treatment of Patients with Influenza with Antiviral Medications
February 10–Evaluating Patients with Suspected Measles




Last reviewed April 2018