Sharing Our ‘Ulu

Resource ListResource List for Children age 0-5 years and Their Families
DHS, DOH, DOE, & EOEL Programs that Support Children’s Health and Development


DHS= Department of Human Services
DOH= Department of Health
DOE= Department of Education
EOEL= Executive Office on Early Learning



‘Ulu (breadfruit in Hawaiian) is a staple food.

Similarly, DHS, DOH, and DOE, and EOEL have staple programs and resources for families which address basic needs.  Helping families with basic needs supports children’s health and development.

The ‘Ohana Nui concept (supported by DHS and DOH) includes a whole family approach in addressing basic needs:

  • Housing
  • Food & nutrition
  • Health & wellness
  • Economic supports & education
  • Social capital