Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Permits

Act 234 of the 2007 Legislature established the foundation for the Hawaii GHG Program.  It declared a policy to reduce GHG emissions statewide to 1990 levels by 2020.  Parts of Act 234 are codified in Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 342B.  To help meet the state GHG reduction goal, permit modifications are required to incorporate GHG emission caps for large stationary sources in accordance with Subchapter 11 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-60.1.  The GHG emission caps serve as a backstop to renewable portfolio standards and energy efficiency portfolio standards supported by the Hawaii State Energy Office for reducing GHGs.

The following are final permits incorporating GHG Emission Cap Provisions:

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative Partnering Facilities:

Kapaia Power Station, CSP No. 0452-01-C

Port Allen Power Plant, CSP No. 0097-01-C

GHG Reduction Plans:

GHGRP No. 0452-01-C

GHGRP No. 0097-01-C

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Independent Power Producers and Hawaiian Electric Partnering Facilities:

AES Hawaii, LLC Cogeneration Plant, CSP No. 0087-02-C

Hamakua Energy, LLC Cogeneration Plant, CSP No. 0243-01-C

Kalaeloa Partners, L.P. Cogeneration Plant, CSP No. 0214-01-C

Hawaiian Electric Campbell Industrial Park Generating Station, CSP No. 0548-01-C

Hawaiian Electric Honolulu Generating Station, CSP No. 0238-01-C

Hawaiian Electric Kahe Generating Station, CSP No. 0240-01-C

Hawaiian Electric Waiau Generating Station, CSP No. 0239-01-C

Hawaii Electric Light Kanoelehua-Hill Generating Station, CSP No. 0234-01-C

Hawaii Electric Light Keahole Generating Station, CSP No. 0007-01-C

Hawaii Electric Light Puna Generating Station, CSP 0235-01-C

Maui Electric Kahului Generating Station, CSP No. 0232-01-C

Maui Electric Maalaea Generating Station, CSP No. 0067-01-C

Maui Electric Palaau Generating Station, CSP No. 0031-04-C

GHG Reduction Plans:

GHGRP No. 0087-02-C

GHGRP No. 0243-01-C

GHGRP No. 0214-01-C

GHGRP No. 0548-01-C

GHGRP No. 0238-01-C

GHGRP No. 0240-01-C

GHGRP No. 0239-01-C

GHGRP No. 0234-01-C

GHGRP No. 0007-01-C

GHGRP No. 0235-01-C

GHGRP No. 0232-01-C

GHGRP No. 0067-01-C

GHGRP No. 0031-04-C

Summary of Comments
(Clean Air Branch Docket No. 19-CA-PA-05)
Par Hawaii Refining, LLC Partnering Facilities:

Par East Refinery, CSP No. 0212-01-C

Par West Refinery, CSP No. 0088-01-C

GHG Reduction Plans:

GHGRP No. 0212-01-C

GHGRP No. 0088-01-C

Summary of Comments
(Clean Air Branch Docket No. 20-CA-PA-13)
IES Downstream, LLC Partnering Facilities:

IES Kapolei Bulk Storage Terminal, CSP No. 0863-01-C

IES Process Units, CSP No. 0863-02-C

GHG Reduction Plans:

GHGRP No. 0863-01-C & GHGRP No. 0863-01-C

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