Board of Certification


The purpose of the certification program is stated in Title 11, Chapter 61. The efficient management of wastewater treatment works is an important economic asset to the public, to county and state officials and to operators. Also, effective operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment works is essential to prevent pollution of the waters of the state. Furthermore, certification of wastewater treatment works operators assures the employment of personnel competent to provide efficient and proper operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.

Board of Certification

Below is a list of members currently on the Board of Certification.

Name County/Agency End of Term
Virgilio Viernes, VICE CHAIR,
Grade IV
County of Maui June 30, 2017
Kevin Nakamura, CHAIR,
Grade IV
Hawaii Water Environment Association June 30, 2019
Robert Souza,
Grade IV
City & County of Honolulu June 30, 2018
Vacant County of Hawaii
Loren Tanigawa,
Grade IV
County of Kauai June 30, 2019
Lee Mansfield, PE Professional Engineer in Private Practice June 30, 2018
Ronald Hay, Grade IV Private Sector June 30, 2016
Roger Babcock Jr, PhD, PE Engineering Faculty, UH Manoa, WRRC June 30, 2019
Vacant State DOH/WWB

Schedule of Board of Certification Meetings and Events FY 2016-2017.

Meeting/Event Date Location
Board of Certification Meetings July 16-17, 2015 Lanai City, Lanai – Kahului, Maui
September 3, 2015 Honolulu, Oahu Wastewater Branch
October 15-16, 2015 Lihue, Kauai
Kauai Civic Center
 December 10-11, 2015 Kahului, Maui
 January 14, 2016 Cancelled
 February 3, 2016 HWEA Conference
Honolulu, Oahu
 March 10-11, 2016  Hilo, Hawaii
 May 5, 2016  Honolulu, Oahu
Wastewater Branch
 June 23-24, 2016  Lihue, Kauai
ABC Exam Application Deadline December 4, 2015 For February 2016 Exam
June 17, 2015 For August 2016 Exam
ABC Certification Operator Exam August 20, 2015 All Islands
February 11, 2016 All Islands
Certification Renewal Application Deadline September 15, 2016 For Oct 16, 2016 – Oct 15, 2018

Minutes of Meeting for the Board of Certification.

 2013 2014  2015
 01-17-13  01-23-14 02-02-15
 03-14-13  03-06-14 – 03-07-14  03-19-15 – 03-20-15
 05-09-13  05-06-14 05-14-15
 06-27-13  07-10-14  07-23-15 – 07-24-15
 08-06-13  09-18-14  09-03-15
 09-12-13  10-30-14 – 10-31-14  10-15-15 – 10-16-15 amended 
 11-14-13 amended  12-11-14 – 12-12-14  12-10-15 – 12-11-15

Archived minutes

Hawaii State Ethics Commission Publication – The High Road

Operator Certification

The Board of Certification administers two paper examinations per calendar year in February and August. The examinations can also be taken as Computer Based Test (CBT). Operators may take the test up to 3 times in a calendar year. Any combination of paper and CBT is allowed up to three attempts. Applications for Wastewater Operator Certification Examinations are mailed to all county, private, and federal agencies approximately 90 days prior to the paper examination dates. These are the only two time periods during which applications are accepted for any exams.

The basic education and experience requirements for each grade are listed below (complete list here: pdf). Note: a high school diploma is required for all grades. The application form can be downloaded from the Operator Certification section below. Additional information and qualifications are stated in Title 11, Chapter 61, Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR).

Send applications to: Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Plants, c/o Wastewater Branch, 919 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 309, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Please call (808) 586-4294 should you have any further questions about operator certification, qualification requirements, exams, renewal, application forms and fees.

Grade Work Experience Education Points (CEUs)
1 One year None
2 Two years 6
3 Three years 16
4 Five years 32

Note: High school diploma is required for all grades.

Certification Examination Locations:

Island Time Location
Hawaii 1st Session 7:30 am Waimea Community Center (NOT Civic Center)
65-1260 Kawaihae Road
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Hawaii 2nd Session 12:00 pm Waimea Community Center (NOT Civic Center)
65-1260 Kawaihae Road
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Kauai 8:00 am Civil Defense Bldg.
3990 Kaana Street, Suite 100
Lihue, HI 96766
Maui 1st Session 7:30 am Kihei WWTP
480 Welekahao Road
Kihei, Maui
Maui 2nd Session 12:00 pm Kihei WWTP
480 Welekahao Road
Kihei, Maui
Oahu 1st session
Oahu 2nd session
8:00 am
4:00 pm
Sand Island WWTP
1350 Sand Island Pkwy, Bldg. 3A
Honolulu, Hawaii
Oahu 2nd session 4:00 pm Kailua Regional WWTP
95 Kaneohe Bay Drive
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
  • Notice of Certification Examination – February 11, 2016 | .doc |
  • Certification Examination Application w/instructions | .doc |
  • Certification Re-Examination Application w/instructions | .doc |
  • Reference Material for ABC WW Treatment Exams | .pdf |
  • Application for Temporary Certification | .pdf |
  • Application for Reciprocity Certification | .pdf |
  • Schedule of Fees | .pdf |
  • List of Courses Granted CEU Credits | .pdf |

Current Licensed Operators

  • To verify the license of an operator, call the Board of Certification at 586-4294.

Renewal Application

Renewed certificates are valid for a period of twenty-four months and expire on October 15 of even numbered years.

  • Operator Certification Renewal Application |.pdf|

Listing of Approved Repeat Training Courses for Certificate Renewal Purposes Only

  •  Listing of Approved Training Courses for Repeats | .pdf |

Request for Public Records

  • Request for Public Records for Training Center and Board of Certification | .pdf |

DRC Notification

  • Form for Notification of New DRC | .pdf |

Continuing Education

California State University Sacramento

Course CEUs
Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume I – 6
Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume II – 5
Advanced Waste Treatment – 5
Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume I – 3
Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume II – 3
Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems, Volume I – 4
Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems, Volume II – 4
Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume II – 2
Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance – 2
Small Wastewater Operation and Maintenance – 0
Small Water System Operation and Maintenance – 2
Utility Management – 1
Collection Systems: Methods for Evaluating and Improving Performance – 2
Collection Systems, Volume I – 4
Collection Systems, Volume II – 4
Manage for Success – 4.5
Treatment of Metal Waste Streams – 0
Pretreatment Facility Inspection – 0
Membrane Bio-reactor – 1

Hawaii Rural Water Association

Michigan State University

Supervisory Management in the Water/Wastewater Field – 6
Maintenance Management in the Water/Wastewater Field – 6
Effective Communication in the Municipal Environment – 4

Indiana State University

Supervision and Management for Working Professionals I – 5
Supervision and Management for Working Professionals II – 5

Brown and Caldwell

Trickling Filter / Solids Contactor (two 1/2-day classes) – 1

CEUs are also awarded for specific college courses and other wastewater related training. Please contact the Board of Certification for more information.

Online Courses – Approved

Sponsor Approved Course CEUs
CEU Plan ( All 0.1 each
360water, Inc. ( Wastewater Courses 0.1 each
Montana Water Center Opr. Basics Training Services 2005: WW Lagoons 1.1 Selective courses 0.1
United Rentals Confined Space CSE
Trench Safety CPT
Bismarck State College WATR 120 Wastewater Treatment 8