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Solid Waste Rules

Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 11-58.1   January 13, 1994 “Solid Waste Management Control” is enforced by the OSWM.  Note: Effective March 13, 1999, Section 54 of HAR 11-58.1 is replaced by HAR Chapter 11-279, “Standards for the Management of Used Oil.”

Draft Renewal and Modification Permit for the Kekaha Municipal Solid Waste Landfill – Thank you for your comments to the draft renewal and modification solid waste management permit for the Kekaha Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Kauai.  The public comment period ended February 6, 2014.

Transcripts of the January 30, 2014 Public Hearing for the Kekaha Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Draft Solid Waste Management Permit


Permit Applications & Instructions

  Solid waste management permit applications online

  new Glass ADF webpage

  Hawaii Deposit Beverage Container Program information 

  Electronic Device and Television Recycling Law

Fact Sheets and Publications
Information on public issues and instruction on responsible ways to reduce, recycle, and dispose of specific waste materials.

  Minimizing Construction and Demolition Wastes April 2013

  Oahu Landfills

  Neighbor Island Landfills

  Illegal Dumping Notice Apr 2011

  Illegal Dumping Poster

  Hawaii Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Guidance Document, ver 1.8

  Disposal of Lead-based Paint Wastes

  Disposal of Asbestos Containing Waste Materials

  Used Lead Acid Battery Management July 2000

  Pressure-Treated Wood Management July 2000

  Proper Disposal of Home Health Care Waste July 2000

  Reduce and Recycle Green Waste July 2000

  The Hawaii Guide to Alternatives and Disposal of Household Hazardous Wastes 1996

  State Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan July 2000

  State Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Appendices 1-5 July 2000

  Tire Recycling Interim Policy May 6, 2009

  Sample Tire Acceptance/Removal Documentation Form 

  Notice of Draft Permit for the Kekaha Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Renewal and vertical expansion 

  PVT Land Company – Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility – Draft Solid Waste Management Permit 

  Motor Vehicle Tire Recovery Summary  2013 writable     2013 attachment writable pdf     2012     2011      2010     2009

  Used Tire Recycling Sign – Retailers

  Used Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Sign – Retailers

  Solid Waste Diversion Survey FY 2011-12


Other Links and Resources

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