State Licensing Section

The State Licensing Section of the Office of Health Care Assurance is responsible for promulgating licensing rules and developing standards as required to ensure quality of care for certain community based facilities which must be licensed by the State, but not certified for Medicare participation. These facilities include adult residential care homes (ARCH), expanded care ARCH, special treatment facilities (STF), developmentally disabled domiciliary homes (DDDH) and assisted living facilities.

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Assisted Living Facilities in Hawaii

Combined ARCH/Expanded ARCH Vacancy Report – By Area

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This Section is also responsible for maintaining a registry of adult residential care homes, special treatment facilities, and homes of the developmentally disabled and vacancies therein. An expanded ARCH is an adult residential facility licensed to admit individuals who require a nursing home level of care.

Call the State Licensing Section at (808) 692-7400 or write:

Department of Health
State Licensing Section
601 Kamokila Boulevard, Room 361
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707