Home Care Agency Licensing


What is a Home Care Agency?

Home Care Agency is defined as a public or proprietary agency, a private, nonprofit organization, or a subdivision of an agency or organization, engaged in providing home care services to clients in their residence.  The term Home Care Agency does not apply to an individual, including an individual who is incorporated as a business or is a volunteer.

What Services are Included in Home Care?

Home care services include but are not limited to:

  • Personal care, including assistance with dressing, feeding, and personal hygiene to facilitate self-care;
  • Homemaker assistance, including housekeeping, shopping, meal planning and preparation; or
  • Respite care and assistance and support provided to the family.

What Services are Not Included in Home Care?

  • Personal care or homemaker assistance do not include the management of the client’s money or finances, or the balancing of the client’s checkbook; or
  • Nursing services or other clinical professional services normally provided by home health agencies or private duty nursing services.

How Do I Know if an Agency is a Licensed Home Care Agency?

A list of licensed home care agencies is posted on the Department’s website.

For information purposes only, agencies already in existence prior to the adoption of section 11-700, Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) who have submitted applications for a license are also listed and are noted as pending.  Any agency not listed is not licensed nor have they applied for a state license.

Where Can I Find More Information on the State’s Requirements on Home Care Agencies?

For more detailed information on the licensing requirements on home care agencies, read section 11-700.

How Do I Report a Possible Unlicensed Home Care Agency or File a Complaint Against a Licensed Agency?

To file any complaint, click here to download the complaint form.  Fax the completed form to (808) 692-7414, or email it to [email protected].


How do Agencies Apply for a License?

License application instructions and an application form can be found here.

Agencies are advised to become very familiar with licensure requirements by reading HAR 11-700.  Chapter 11-700 are the regulations on home care agencies, and include terms and definitions, scope of services and service plan requirements, policies and procedures, administration and standards, and other important items.

In addition, all licensed Home Care Agencies are subject to unannounced inspections to ensure safe levels of care in the recipient’s home.

Existing agencies must apply for their state license immediately and may continue to operate during the license application process.  New agencies must be licensed prior to providing services to clients.  The Department may begin to take enforcement action against any agency which does not apply for a license within three months of the start of the licensing program.  Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) section 321-14.8 establishes the authority of DOH to license home care agencies and enforce administrative rules.

Are Agencies Required to Pay a Licensure Fee?

Yes.  Pursuant to Chapter 11-103.1, HAR, initial licensure fees and renewal fees are due prior to issuance of the new license or license renewal.  Refer to Chapter 11-103.1, HAR, for fee information.

The Office of Health Care Assurance performs all state licensing activities on healthcare facilities, agencies and organizations in Hawaii.  This includes conducting all on-site state licensing surveys or inspections and Medicare certification surveys or inspections on behalf of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Home Care Agency Licensing Application Form and Instructions

Hawaii Licensed Home Care Agencies

Home Care Agency Complaint Form

Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-700, Home Care Agencies

Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-103.1, Licensure and Certification Fees for Health Care Facilities and Agencies