Vendor Complaint Form & Process

For Vendor Use:

Vendor Complaint Form & Process: WIC customers who do not follow WIC policies and procedures, or who are suspected of committing fraud or abuse should be reported to the WIC Program immediately.  When reporting incidents of WIC customer noncompliance, or to file a complaint against a WIC customer, vendors should fill out and submit a Hawaii WIC Vendor Complaint Form to the WIC Program.

A complaint form can be downloaded here VENDOR COMPLAINT FORM V-001
and should be faxed to (808) 586-8189, or mailed to:

WIC Vendor Management Unit
235 South Beretania Street, Suite 701
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-2419

Use of the complaint form will help expedite the processing of the complaint.  If additional information is available (i.e., copies of WIC checks, statements of witnesses, etc.), please attach them to the complaint form.

Customer Complaint Process: Complaints against vendors are submitted for processing on the Complaint Against Vendor form.  WIC will notify the vendor the nature of the complaint and take steps with the vendor to prevent future complaints.

A complaint form can be downloaded here:  HELP WIC STORES TO IMPROVE