Maui Fires

Hawaii WIC is using waivers and flexibilities to try and help families impacted by the August 2023 Maui fires. Below is a list of Questions and Answers for families who are currently on WIC or looking to apply for WIC. This page will be updated as needed.

Q: My family has eWIC benefits but the stores do not have the foods in stock.

A: Families who already have WIC and were impacted by the Maui fires will be able to buy substitutes to some of their eWIC benefits through October 27, 2023. Please see the list below

Eggs – Participants will be allowed to substitute two 6-count packages and 18-count packages of eggs when 12-count packages are unavailable. Participants will be allowed to substitute hard boiled eggs for fresh eggs.

Tofu – Participants will be allowed to substitute up to 20-ounce containers of tofu when the prescribed size of tofu (i.e., 16-ounce) is not available.

Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Bread – Participants will be allowed to substitute authorized whole wheat/whole grain bread, buns or rolls in package sizes up to 24-ounces when 16-ounce packages are unavailable.

Juice – Participants will be allowed to substitute juice packs for the 48 oz containers of juice when the prescribed size is not available. WIC-eligible juice in other forms (e.g., frozen) that provide the maximum monthly allowance should be the first alternative to the 48-ounce container.

Infant Formula – Participants will be allowed to substitute certain formulas if the formulas below are not available at the store.


Q: Can I still apply for WIC if I don’t have the required documents?

A: Hawaii WIC is using a flexibility that allows exemption from required documents for disaster victims.


Q: Can my family continue with WIC even if we moved away from Maui?

A: Yes, your family can continue at any WIC clinic in Hawaii or at the other states. To find other WIC clinics in Hawaii and in other states, go to


Q: I’m on Maui and want to apply for WIC but cannot make it to the WIC clinic for an appointment. Can I make a phone appointment?

A: Yes, the Maui WIC clinic is able to perform enrollments over the phone.