Additional Records Requested


Notice of Interest, dated December 21, 2020
Location (Facility) at or from which the release has occurred or is threatened to occur: Hotel-Pier, Arizona St., Pearl Harbor, HI
Case Nos: 20200602-1345 and 20200317-0914. Releases were reported on 03/17/2020, 9:14 a.m. and 06/02/2020, 1:445 p.m. HST and are ongoing
JBPHH-Pearl Harbor HI – 2021 One-time Bulk Pipeline Leak Detection Testing Report – February 2021_Redacted
Hotel Pier Incident Status Summary, March 17, 2021
Red Hill Hotel Pier DOH CONFIRMED RELEASE Letter, June 30, 2021
JBPHH-Pearl Harbor HI – 2021 Annual and One-time SLPT Report – May 2021_Redacted