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Marshallese TB radio programsMarshallese TB radio programs

Thirty-minute radio shows broadcast in a mix of Marshallese and English. These programs originally aired on Honolulu radio station KNDI 1270 AM in October 2002. Radio hosts include John Hunter, of the American Lung Association of Hawaii, and Josephine Hunter, originally from the Marshall Islands.

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program #2 (12.6MB)     

program #3 (11.5MB)     

program #4 (9.4MB)      

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Tuberculosis: Get the factsTuberculosis: Get the facts A Marshallese translation of a popular CDC brochure features frequently asked questions about TB.  Prints on two 8.5x11sheets.
Download PDF version in Marshallese (with English translation, 330KB)

Your TB skin test is positive

Your TB skin test is positive
A brochure for TB patients on Oahu explaining the meaning of a positive TB test, and where to get a chest x-ray. Prints on two 8.5×11 sheets.
Download PDF version in English (230KB)

Stop TBStop TB A color poster with “Stop TB” message written in six languages.   Small poster prints on one  8.5  X 11.  Large  poster  prints on four 8.5×11 sheets.
Download PDF version of small poster (180KB)
Download PDF version of large poster (130K)

Cover your cough

Cover your cough  A color poster for clinic waiting areas urging patients to cover their  nose and mouth when coughing.   Message written in five different languages. Prints on two 8.5×11 sheets.
Download PDF version (200KB)

What you should know about TB

 What you should know about TB Power Point slides presenting basic TB information for the general public. Presentation stresses difference between latent TB infection and active TB disease, and how TB is spread.
Download Power Point version in  EnglishIlocano ,or Tagalog (600KB)


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