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Reducing hazardous waste generated in Hawaii is an important concern to the public, businesses, and the state. To promote effective environmental protection while helping businesses reduce costs, the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Hazardous Waste Section established the Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization Program. The Program is dedicated to helping businesses find ways to reduce waste generation at the source, prevent pollution and recycle the wastes that cannot be reduced.

Businesses can benefit from pollution prevention through:

  • Improved health and performance of workers.
  • Lower material and waste costs.
  • Reduced regulatory compliance liability.
  • More efficient and higher quality production.
  • Reduced pollution and increased conservation of resources.
  • Public recognition for environmentally sound business practices.

Pollution prevention and waste minimization practices include source reduction activities that reduce waste generation and recycling activities that recover materials from hazardous waste streams for reuse. Methods for minimizing wastes are as follows:

  • Better operating procedures to efficiently use material and avoid spills or cross contamination of waste streams.
  • Substitution of nonhazardous or less hazardous material for hazardous materials.
  • Process changes that reduce hazardous materials used and reduce waste generated.
  • Product redesign to avoid using hazardous materials that generate wastes.
  • Recycling and reuse of hazardous and other wastes.

The Hawaii Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization Program offers a variety of services to businesses interested in reducing their generation of wastes and conserving their use of resources:

  • Workshops and presentations to provide specific techniques and methods to minimize and prevent the generation of wastes.
  • Technical Bulletins addressing pollution prevention and regulatory compliance for waste generators.
  • Special projects working with specific priority industries and providing on-site assist visits.
  • Awards program recognizing businesses that go beyond compliance by implementing pollution prevention practices that reduce pollution and waste, conserve energy, water and other resources.

For more information please contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator at (808) 586-4226
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