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For general food information, please call your local Sanitation Branch office Monday to Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (HST).  Click on “Contact Us” on the menu bar above for phone numbers and office addresses. 

Permit Applications:

Food Establishment

Special Event Food Establishment

Food Establishment Variance

Food Establishment Variance Guidance


Support Kitchen Use Agreement

Using Time as a Public Health Control

Mobile Unit Operating Procedures

Guidelines/Informational handouts:

Please feel free to use this information in your food establishment.

1. How to Get a GREEN Placard

2. Special Event Food Permit Guidelines

3. Handwash sink set-up for Special Events

4. How to Start a Mobile Food Establishment

5. How to Label Foods Held on Display (discard date & time label)

6. Key Temperatures for Food Safety

7. Starting a Homemade Food Operation

8. Consumer Advisory for Undercooked Foods

9. Alternative Operating Procedures to Bare Hand Contact – Checklist

10. Food Safety Reference Card

11. How to Calibrate a Dial Stem Thermometer

12. FDA: Fresh Produce – Selecting & Serving it Safely

13. Norovirus Fact Sheet & Clean-Up Guidelines for Food Establishments

14. How to Wash Hands Properly

15. 3-Compartment Warewashing Instructions

16. Rat Lungworm Information Sheet

17. Retail Shellfish Requirements

18. Safe Food Handling Tips for Holiday Get-Togethers

19. Proper Food Storage in a Refrigerator

20. Imu Sanitary Guidelines

21. Regulations for Food Service to Highly Susceptible Populations

22. Date Marking for Ready-to-Eat Foods

23. Food Truck Vending Site Information (Oahu)

24. Recommended Cooling Procedures

25. Factors Contributing to Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Information for Retail Food Industry provided by the FDA (multilingual)

Retail Food Protection Industry Educational Materials

For information on service animals in food establishments, click on the following websites:

ADA: Service Animals

FAQ:  Service Animals and the ADA

DOH DCAB:  Service Animals

Information on healthy beverages for children’s menus:

Healthy by Default FAQs

Healthy by Default Self-Certification Info

Flood/Storm Information:

Emergency Handbook for Food Establishments

Information for Flooded Homes & Businesses

Log Templates:

Please feel free to download these logs to use in your food establishment.

Sanitizer Log

Cold-Holding Log

Hot-Holding Log

Cooling Temperature Log

Support Kitchen Use Log