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For general food information, please call your local Sanitation Branch office Monday to Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (HST).  Click on “Contact Us” on the menu bar above for phone numbers and office addresses. 

Permit Applications:

Food Establishment

Special Event Food Establishment

Food Establishment Variance

Food Establishment Variance Guidance


Support Kitchen Use Agreement

Using Time as a Public Health Control

Mobile Unit Operating Procedures

Guidelines/Informational handouts:

Please feel free to use this information in your food establishment.

How to Get a GREEN Placard

Special Event Food Permit Guidelines

Handwash sink set-up for Special Events

How to Start a Mobile Food Establishment

How to Label Foods Held on Display (discard date & time label)

Key Temperatures for Food Safety

Starting a Homemade Food Operation

Consumer Advisory for Undercooked Foods

Alternative Operating Procedures to Bare Hand Contact – Checklist

Food Safety Reference Card

How to Calibrate a Dial Stem Thermometer

FDA: Fresh Produce – Selecting & Serving it Safely

Norovirus Fact Sheet & Clean-Up Guidelines for Food Establishments

How to Wash Hands Properly

3-Compartment Warewashing Instructions

Rat Lungworm Information Sheet

Retail Shellfish Requirements

Safe Food Handling Tips for Holiday Get-Togethers

Proper Food Storage in a Refrigerator

Imu Sanitary Guidelines

Regulations for Food Service to Highly Susceptible Populations

For information on service animals in food establishments, click on the following Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) websites:

ADA: Service Animals

FAQ:  Service Animals and the ADA

Flood/Storm Information:

Emergency Handbook for Food Establishments

Information for Flooded Homes & Businesses

Log Templates:

Please feel free to download these logs to use in your food establishment.

Sanitizer Log

Cold-Holding Log

Hot-Holding Log

Cooling Temperature Log

Support Kitchen Use Log