Public Health Nurses (PHN)

Public Health Nurses (PHN) are Registered Nurses found in every community across the state. PHNs work to improve the conditions and behaviors that affect the health of our communities by applying a complement of services in addressing root causes of poor health and chronic conditions.


What Do Public Health Nurses Do?

  • Facilitate healthy lifestyles and disease prevention across the lifespan in target populations.
  • Partner with communities to improve their health based on their needs.
  • Plan for and respond to disasters and public health emergencies.
  • Prevent and treat the spread of communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hansen’s disease, and vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Health consultation to public and private schools, preschools and child care facilities.


How We Do It?

  • Provide family-centered, community based nursing services to individuals, families, or groups in a community.  These may include case management, client advocacy, health education, health screening, monitoring, follow-up, and consultation.
  • Collaborate and partner with community members and community agencies to address the health status of target populations and health policy concerns.
  • Provide information on accessing health services for those without insurance or who are without access to health care.