Department of Health Reports to 2022 Legislature


Name Subject Title of Document Program Date File Size
Act 52 SLH2008 Pursuant to Chapters 346-59.2(e) , Hawaii Revised Statues. Requiring DOH to Report to the Legislature on the Expenditures of all Fund the the Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division in Conjunction with Department of Human Services, Med-Quest Division 1/22
Act 201 SLH 2021 Amendments to The Hawaii Revised Statutes to Update Existing Parentage Laws that Reflect Outdated Cisheteronormative Concepts of Families, Parenthood, and Parental Rights DOH Parental Task Force 12/21
ACT 212 SLH 2021 Relating to the Transition of the Oahu Regional Health Care System from Hawaii Health System Corporation to the Department of Health DOH Transition Committee 12/21
SCR140, SD1 Report on Systemic Racism, Public Health Crisis, Solutions DOH 12/21
2022 Leg Rpts Combined
  1. Section 321-95, Report on the Implementation of the State Plan for Substance Abuse;
  2. Section 329-3, Report by the Hawaii Advisory Commission on Drug Abuse and Controlled Substances;
  3. Section 10 of Act 161, Session Laws of Hawaii 2002, Requiring a Status Report on the Coordination of Offender Substance Abuse Treatment Programs; and Section 29 of Act 40, Sessions Laws of Hawaii 2004, Requiring a Progress Report on the Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  4. Section 329E-6 Requiring a report on Unintentional Opioid-Related Overdose
BHA  /


Sec 37-52.5 Report listing all administratively established accounts or funds and their respective revenues, expenditure, encumbrances, and ending balances EHA 12/21
§128D & §128E Annual Report Environmental Response Law and Hawaii Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act Financial and Environmental Site Information EHA 12/21
Sec 326-25.5 Annual Report to the Legislature on the Initiative and Improvements in Kalaupapa Settlement and to track Patient and Non-patient Costs Separately, Whenever Appropriate and Possible CDPHND 12/21
DCAB 2020-2021 Disability and Communication Access Board Fiscal Year 2021-2022, Annual Summary as advocate for Civil Rights for Person with disabilities DCAB 12/2021
321-27.5 &321-27 Annual Audit Report of the Sanitation Branch and Report on the Status of the
Sanitation and Environmental Health Education Fund
Sanitation Branch 01/2022
Sec 321-22.5(g) Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Trauma System Special Fund EMS 10/2021
Sec 321-234d Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Emergency Medical Services Special Fund EMS 10/2021
Sec 333E-3(5) Hawaii State Developmental Disability Council 2021 Annual Report DDC 10/2021
Sec 333F-6 Annual Report on Persons Waiting for Developmental Disabilities or Intellectual Disabilities Services and Supports, and Shall Provide the Reasons for the Lack of Services or Supports DDD 12/2021
Act III 334 Part VIII Annual Report Relating to Process in Implementing the Administrative Process established by this Act, the Department’s Utilization of the Administrative Process and The Department’s Utilization of the Assisted Community Treatment Process,” pursuant to Act 111 2017 Session Laws Hawaii and Section 334 Part VIII, AMHD 12/2021
334-10(e) State Council on Mental Health Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature on Implementation of the State Plan AMHD 12/2021
Section 334-15 Annual Report on the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Special Fund AMHD 12/2021
334-16 Annual Report to the Legislature Summarizing Yearly Data on Forensic Patients at Hawai’i State Hospital AMHD/HSH 12/21
HB541 HD1, SD2, CD1 Establishing within the DOH a Working Group to Evaluate Current Behavioral Health Care and Related Systems and Identify Gaps in Services, Coordinate Funding Sources, and Establish and Identify Outcome Measures for Persons Experiencing Behavioral Health or Substance Abuse Conditional, and Resultant Consequences, including Homelessness BHA 12/21
Sec 340B-12 Annual Report of the Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Fiscal Year 2021 EMD Wastewater 12/21
340E-33 Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund of the Department of Health EMD Safe Drinking Water Br
Act 132 & Act 170 Report Relating to Progress update from the Cesspool Conversion Working Group, pursuant to Act 132 of 2018 and Act170 of 2019. EMD Wastewater 12/21
342G-15 The Annual Report on Solid Waste Management,” pursuant to Section 342G-15 EMD  Office of Solid Waste Mgt 12/21
342D-82 State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund EMD Wastewater 12/21
Section 349-5(b)(2) Executive Office on Aging Annual Report on Elder Programs Executive Office on Aging 12/21
§321-1.5 Annual Report on Recommended Primary Health Care Incentives, Strategies, and Implementation FHSD / Primary Health Care 12/21
Act 203 & §321-346 Combined Report:  Act 203, SB 2317, Session Laws Hawaii 2016, 621-622 and §321-346 Child Death Hawaii Review System, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) FHSD/Maternal & Child Health Br


§321-63 Annual Report on Dental Activities, Expenditures, and Recommendations FHSD / HCDSB 12/21
Act 241 §329D-2 Annual Report on the Establishment and Regulation of Medical Cannabis Production Centers and Dispensaries, HRA/OMCD 01/22