Department of Health Reports to 2017 Legislature


Name Subject Title of Document Program Date File Size
Act043 Part VI SLH 2016  Act 043 Part VI SLH 2016 Report relating to Non-General Funds Covering:  1) Distribution of  vital record fee revenues; 2) Abolishing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Special Fund DOH 12/2016
Act 241 SLH 2015 Act 241 Requiring the Department of Health to Establish a Repayment Plan and Schedule DOH June 2017
HB2466 Cigarette Tax Revenue Report Act 086 SLH 2016 Report on Cigarette Tax Revenue DOH 12/2016
321-1.5 (6) Primary Health Care Incentive Program 321-1.5(6) Report on Recommended Primary Care Incentives and Strategies FHSD 12/2016
Section 16.4 HSH Special Budget Report HB 1700, HD1, SD1, CD1, Part III, Section 16.4 Report on Hawaii State Hospital Budget as required by HB 1700, HD1, SD1, CD1, Part III,
Section 16.4 Hawaii Revised Statutes
Adult Mental Health  12/2016
334-15Annual Report

Additional Information Page 334-15



334-15 Annual Report on the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Special Fund Adult Mental Health Division 12/2016
334-123 Report to the Legislature


334-123 Annual Report Relating to MH-1s and Hospitalization of Persons Who are Under an Order to
Adult Mental Health Division 12/2016
Annual Report 2016 ADAD Annual Report Annual Report combines the following:  Section 321-195; 329-3; Section 10, Act 61 Session Laws 2002; and Section 29 Act 71 Session Laws 2004 ADAD 12/216
CAMHD Report 2015-2016 Biennial Report Review of Progress made on the Child Adolescent Mental Health Division’s Four Year Strategic Plan pursuant to section 321-176 Hawaii Revised Statutes CAMHD 11/2016
Annual Kalaupapa Legislative Report 2017


Annual report Annual Report on initiatives and improvements in Kalaupapa. CDDPHN 11/2016

Act 52 SLH 2008

Annual Report  Act 52 SLH 2008  Pursuant to Act 52 Section, Section 4, Session Laws of Hawaii 2008, Relating to a report to the Legislature on the Expenditure of all Funds for Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program  CDPHPD  11/2016
 dcab-annual-report-fy-2015-2016  DCAB Annual Report Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) Annual Report DCAB 11/16/2016
321H-4 Neurotrauma Special  Annual Report Annual report on the Activities under the Neurotrauma Special Fund Developmental Disability Division (DDD) 12/2016
 333F-6 2017 DDD Waitlist Legisaltive Report JG  Annual Report Annual Report to the Legislature on the number of persons waiting for Development Disability Services and Support DDD 12/2016
SR118 Adult Education Report HR105 Adult Education Workgroup Report EOA 03/31/2017
349-5(b)(2) EOA Annual Report FY 2016 349-5(b)(2) Annual Evaluation Report on Elder Programs for the Governor and the Legislature EOA 12/2016
 Act 138-eoa-annual-report-111416


EOA Annual Report Pursuant to HB 1878, ACT 138 Requiring the Executive Office on Aging (EOA) to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Aging and Disability Resource Centers EOA 11/2016


HCR 90 Community Paramedicine


HCR 90 2016 The Department of Health is required with a Working Group to Develop Community Paramedic Program pursuant to HCR 90 2016 Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch 12/2016
321-22.5g 2017 Trauma Special Fund


321-22.5g  Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Trauma System Special Fund as
required Section 321-22.5(g) Hawaii Revised Statues
Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch 12/2016
Section 321-234d 2017 EMS Special Fund 321-234d Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Emergency Medical Services Special Fund Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch  12/2016
Act 125 HB1244, HD1, SD2, CD1 Relating to Cesspools and Prioritization for Replacement EMD 12/2016
321-1.3 Annual Report DVSA 321-1.3 Annual Report for the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Special Fund FHSD       Maternal and Child Health Branch 12/2016
 321-91 NBMSP Leg Rpt


 Annual Report Pursuant to Section 321-291 Hawai’i Revised Statutes Requiring the department of Health to Give an Annual Financial Report for the Newborn Metabolic screening special Fund  FHSD  12/2016
Act 203 SB 2317  Annual Report Session Laws of Hawaii 2016  Annual Report on Child Death Review and Maternal Mortality Review Activities  FHSD 11/2016
334-16 Annual Report to Legislature


Annual Report Annual Report Summarizing Yearly Data on Forensic Patients Hawaii State Hospital 12/2016
128D 128E HEER


2017 128D Additional Reporting Requirements

Annual Report



128D 2017Additional Reporting Requirement

Annual report  presents an accounting of Environmental Response Revolving Fund revenue and monies budgeted and expended for implementing environmental protection and response plans and actions. Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response 12/2016
321-63 Dental HCDSB Annual Report Annual Report on Dental Health Activities, Expenditures The Hospital & Community Dental Services Branch (HCDSB) 12/2016
ACt 244 SLH 2016, SCR 57 (2015), and SCR 73 (2014) Combined report


Combined Report Development of a Permanent Fuel Tank Advisory Committee to study the Issues Related to Leaks of Field Constructed Underground Storage Tanks at Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Fuel Storage Facility; as well as 4 other DOD Facilities Permanent Fuel Tank Advisory Committee 12/2016
Section 341-6 2015-2016 Environmental Council Annual Report


Section 341-6 2015-2016 Environmental Council Annual Report Office of Environmental Quality Control 01/2017
Act 184 Annual Report


ACT 184  Annual Report that Outlines the Status of Office of Health Care Assurances Aggregate Number of Announced and Unannounced Visits and Inspections conducted on State Licensed or State-Certified Care Facilities  OHCA  12/2016
 340E-33 DWSRF Annual 2016


340E-33 Annual Report of the Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Loan Fund as required by section 340E-33 of the Hawaii Revised Statues Safe Drinking Water Branch 12/2016
321-27.5 & 321-27 SAN_Audit_Report_Leg_2016


321-27.5 & 321-27 Annual Audit Report of the Sanitation Branch as required by Chapter 321-27.5, Hawaii
Revised Statues (HRS); and
Annual Report on the Status of the Sanitation and Environmental Health Education fund
as required by Chapter 321-27, HRS
Sanitation Branch 12/2016
 334-10(e) Report to Legislature


 334-10(e)  State Council on Mental Health Annual Report on Implementation of the State Plan State Council on Mental Health  12/2016
Section 4, Act 139 SHPDA 2016 Legislative Report


Hawaii Session Law 2016 Progress of Establishing an All-Payer Claims Data Base for the State of Hawii State Health Planning and Development Agency  12/2016
 340B-12 BOC Annual Report


 340B-12 Annual Report of the Activities of the Board if Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities Wastewater Branch  12/2016
 342D-82 Annual Report  342D-82 State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund of the Department of Health Wastewater Br  11/2016