ARCH Vacancy List Legend

Adult Residential Care Home (ARCH)/Expanded ARCH Legend:

TYPE:             ARCH I = Resident requires minimal assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) as in bathing, changing, walking,
                       eating, getting out of bed; total capacity of 1 – 5 residents

ARCH II = Same as “ARCH I”, except the total capacity is 6 or more residents

EXP = Resident requires 24 hrs. assistance with the normal ADLs and/or may require skilled nursing services; total capacity of 1-5 residents

ARCH II-Exp = Same as “Exp”, except the total capacity if greater than 6 residents

MALE (vac) = Amount of male vacancies        FEMALE (vac) = Amount of female vacancies

CAP = Licensed capacity of ARCH or EXP

DIET = Type of diet approved in ARCH:          S = Special Diet     R = Regular Diet

WHC = Approved for wheelchair residents:     Y = Yes N = No

AMB TYPE: FULLY = Fully ambulatory only; able to walk without the assistance of another person or the use of adaptive devices; i.e., walkers or canes.

AMB = Ambulatory; able to walk with the assistance of adaptive devices such as walkers or canes.