Department of Health issues red placard to Manoa Bar B Que restaurant for repeat food safety violations

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 in Newsroom

HONOLULU – The Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH) Food Safety Branch has issued a red “CLOSED” placard to Manoa Bar B Que Restaurant, located at 2752 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu for food safety violations cited during a health inspection on June 9, 2021. The violations involved repeated unsafe temperature control of cooked foods.

The issuance of a red “CLOSED” placard temporarily suspends the food establishment’s permit to operate and requires the facility to close immediately and remain closed until a re-inspection is requested and all violations are corrected. A re-inspection may occur no sooner than 24 hours after the placard is posted.       

The Department of Health encourages voluntary compliance of food establishments through education to avoid fines and closures. Health inspectors met with the owner Mr. Steve Chan on May 7, 2021, to reinforce the importance of managerial control to ensure that proper time/temperature controls for food safety are maintained to protect public health and prevent illness. At the meeting, Mr. Chan was also informed that a red “CLOSED” placard would be issued to temporarily suspend his permit to operate a food establishment if any more critical time/temperature violations were found during inspections of his facility. Past routine inspections revealed critical violations and a pattern of inconsistent compliance with food safety regulations to prevent bacterial growth on cooked foods.

The DOH Food Safety Branch protects and promotes the health of Hawaii residents and visitors through education of food industry workers and regulation of food establishments state-wide. The branch conducts routine health inspections of food establishments where food products are prepared, manufactured, distributed, or sold. The branch also investigates the sources of food borne illnesses and potential adulteration; and is charged with mitigating foodborne outbreaks and/or the prevention of future occurrences. Health inspectors work with business owners, food service workers, and the food industry to ensure safe food preparation practices and sanitary conditions.    

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