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Medical Cannabis Update: A Publication for Registered Patients and Caregivers (February 2017)

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Approves Pono Life Sciences Maui LLC to Acquire and Cultivate Medical Cannabis

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Approves Manoa Botanicals to Acquire and Grow Medical Cannabis

NEWS RELEASE: Hawaii Department of Health Approves Two Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to Acquire and Grow Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Criteria for Pesticides Used in the Production of Medical Cannabis in the State of Hawaii (Jan. 2017)

Act 230 Medical Cannabis Legislative Oversight Working Group was established by the Legislature pursuant to HB2707 CDl (2016), Act 230, to develop and recommend legislation to improve the medical cannabis dispensary system in the State to ensure safe and legal access to medical cannabis for qualifying patients.

Medical Cannabis Testing Facility Application– Please contact [email protected] for any concerns regarding the online application for a testing facility. Please visit the State Labs website for more information.

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Releases Scores and Rankings of Applicants for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

Hawaii Medical Cannabis Dispensary License Application Rankings and Scores by County

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Issues Medical Cannabis Licenses and Posts Merit Based Scores

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Announces the Selection of Dispensary Licensees

NEWS RELEASE: Department of Health to Announce Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licensees by April 29

NEWS RELEASE: Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licensee Selection Continues

Hawaii Department of Health Announces Members of Selection Panel for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

Dispensary Frequently Asked Questions

NEWS RELEASE: List of Dispensary Applicants Posted

List of Medical Cannabis Dispensary License Applicants

Applications for Dispensary Licenses

Online Dispensary Application

Notice of Award of Web-based Computer Software Tracking System

Dispensary Merit Criteria and Points

NEWS RELEASE: DOH Posts Interim Administrative Rules for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program

DOH Interim Dispensary Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-850, Approved

Notice of Dispensary Open Application Period

Seed-to-Sale RFP FAQ

Web-based Software to Track Inventory and Sales at Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software Request For Proposal (RFP)

Act 241 has been codified into Hawaii statutes and may be found at Chapter 329D, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS). Read 329D.

Dispensary Legislation (HB 321) is signed into law. Read Act 241.

Banking and Cannabis Dispensaries