Family Health Services

What is the Family Health Services Section?

of FAMILY HEALTH SERVICES DIVISION (FHSD)Assure the availability of and access to preventive and protective health services for individuals and families by providing leadership in collaboration with communities and public-private partners.

Family Health Services Section (FHSS
) at the Maui District Health Office is an extension of FHSD of the State of Hawaii Department of Health supervised by a Registered Nurse, who is responsible for the administrative supervision of all FHSS programs in Maui County which includes Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition, Early Intervention, Children with Special Health Needs and Maternal and Child Health Programs.

is a federally funded short-term intervention program providing nutritional counseling and food assistance for low income pregnant and post-partum women and children up to age 5.  The program is designed to help establish good nutrition and health behaviors through nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion, a monthly food prescription allotment and access to maternal, prenatal and pediatric healthcare services.  WIC also contracts with Community Health Centers, Hospitals and Community Based Organizations to provide services, resulting in greater integrated health service delivery.  WIC is administered by Registered Dietitians, Nutrition Assistants/Aides and Support Staff

Children with Special Health Needs Program (CSHNP)
assure that all children and youths with special health care needs (CYSHCN) will reach optimal health, growth, and development, by access to a coordinated system of family-centered health care services & improving outcomes, through systems development, assessment, assurance, education, collaborative partnerships, and family support.  Direct and enabling services are provided as mandated by law, as a safety net for CYSHCN and their families who have no other services, and to improve access of CYSHCN to needed health care services.  CSHNP is administered by Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Public Health Nutritionist, Mental Health Professionals, Developmental Specialists, and other Professional and Support Staff. 

Maternal and Child Health (MCH)
work to promote and protect the health and well-being of mothers, infants, children and their families in the context of their communities.  The program staff concentrates primarily on core public health services like assurance activities through contract monitoring; systems development through mobilizing community partnerships and coalitions; monitoring of health status, service delivery and utilization; and developing strategies to improve health status.  MCH Program is administered by a multidisciplinary team of public health professionals.

Early Intervention(EI)
is responsible for the implementation of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (Public Law 105-17), HRS 321.351-353 and HRS 321.362-363, which includes the identification of and provision of services for children with special health needs ages birth to 3 years old.  The system includes but is not limited to medical, surgical, nursing, nutrition, social work, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language services and care coordination. One objective is to prevent and ameliorate the effects of developmental delays by identifying children less than 3 years of age who have or at risk of developmental delays and providing them with a range of early intervention services.  The program is administered in collaborative partnerships with Purchase of Service Private Contractors.
Contact:  IMUA Family Services (Lanai and Maui)                  (808) 244-7467
IKAIKA ITDP (Molokai)                                              (808) 553-3276


Location:                  Wailuku State Office Building
                                  54 High Street, Room 301
                                  Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Contact:                    Family Health Services Section                808-984-2138
E-mail:  [email protected] 
                                  Children with Special Health Needs          808-984-2130
                                  Maternal and Child Health                          808-984-2136

Location:                 Early Intervention 
IMUA Family Services
95 Mahalani Street
Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

Contact:                  Early Intervention                                         808-244-7467

Location:                 WIC
781 Kolu Street
Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

Contact:                  Women, Infants, Children (WIC)                  808-984-8225