The Kauai District Health Laboratory provides analytical support services to clinical and environmental programs within the Department of Health, and to physicians and community health care agencies for the diagnosis and control of communicable disease.

Leptospira Microscopic Agglutination Test and Leptospira Culture; Public Health & Environmental Laboratories | Kauai District Health Laboratory (

DOH Programs supported include:

Safe Drinking Water Branch; Safe Drinking Water Branch (
Clean Water Branch; Clean Water Branch (
Disease Investigation Branch; Disease Investigation Branch | Disease Outbreak Control Division (
Environmental Health Services; About Department of Health | Environmental Health Administration (

All samples and specimens processed by the Kauai District Health Laboratory are submitted by representatives of the Department of Health, or participating health care agencies/providers.

If you have concerns regarding drinking water quality, you should first contact the water system who services your home and discuss what options are available to you. Should you choose to pursue independent testing, visit the Safe Drinking Water Branch website to request information.

For concerns related to recreational waters, please contact our Environmental Specialist at (808) 241-3322 or visit the Clean Water Branch website.

If you are feeling unwell and believe an illness may be attributed to something consumed at a food establishment, or purchased in a grocery store or market, first, contact your primary care provider. Your PCP can assist with notifications to our Disease Investigation Section, (808) 241-3563.

Kauai District Health Laboratory
3040 Umi St.
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Office Hours: 7:45am – 4:30pm
*The Kauai District Health Laboratory is in the one-story building.