Maui Wildfire Data

Maui Wildfire Data

Since the wildfires in August 2023, DOH and other partners have been monitoring the environment around Lahaina and Kula to understand the impact of the fires and to help keep people safe. Monitoring helps us detect and measure potentially harmful substances in the environment, understand potential human health and environmental risks, make informed judgments and decisions, take actions to improve environmental quality and safety, and prevent pollution from the wildfires from entering the air, water, and the places people live, work, and play. This website provides public access to the data so people can make informed judgments about risks to their health, safety, and the environment.

Focus Areas
DOH Sampling Locations
Lahaina Landing Page Map
Note: Other organization monitoring locations will be included in the respective focal area page.

Focus areas in gray are under construction.

Conceptual Site Model

Residents, visitors, and workers could breathe in particulates from the air. Measures are in place to stabilize ash and dust (Soiltac®) and suppress dust during removal activities. Multiple air monitors are continuously active and consistently show good quality air.

Disturbed ash and debris could lead to skin contact and incidental ingestion. Safety measures protect workers during removal activities. Before allowing public access or issuing completion letters for rebuilding, samples are collected to confirm fire-related substance levels are below levels of public health concern.

People could contact ash in water and sediment during recreation, especially after rain. Continued sampling shows that fire-related substance levels are below levels of public health concern, even on Brown Water Advisory days.


Monitoring results show that the coastal waters around Lahaina are safe for recreating in the ocean.

News Releases from Department of Health | Lahaina Coastal Water Quality Reports Show Area Safe for Ocean Recreation (

Department of Health lead screening finds no evidence of widespread lead exposure from Maui fires.

News Releases from Governor Josh Green, M.D. | HONOLULU – The Department of Health (DOH) has released findings of lead screening…