Notification of Exceedance of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard

As required by federal rule, the Department of Health (DOH) will notify the public of an exceedance of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). Click here to view the current list of exceedances (pdf).  Preliminary data only – subject to change.

Click here to see the “Federal and State Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)” (PDF).


     SO2 Sulfur Dioxide       O3 Ozone        ppm parts per million
     CO Carbon Monoxide       PM10 Particulate matter with diameter ≤ 10 microns        ppb parts per billion
     Pb Lead       PM2.5 Particulate matter with diameter ≤ 2.5 microns        μg/m3 microgram per cubic meter
     NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide


Archived Data

Click on the following links to see exceedances from previous years:

exceedances through 2009 (PDF)

2010 exceedances (PDF)

2011 exceedances (PDF)

2012 exceedances (PDF)

2013 exceedances (PDF)

2014 exceedances (PDF)

2015 exceedances (PDF)

2016 exceedances (PDF)

        2017 exceedances (PDF)

2018 exceedances (PDF)

2019 exceedances (PDF)

2020 exceedances (PDF)

2021 exceedances (PDF)

2022 exceedances (PDF)


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