Notice and Finding of Violation and Order

A Notice and Finding of Violation and Order (NOVO) is an enforcement action issued to respondents which allege violations of Hawaii Revised Statutes §342B-11, Hawaii Administrative Rules §11-60.1-2, and/or a permit issued by the Clean Air Branch.  A Respondent has the right to a hearing to dispute the alleged violations noted in a NOVO.  Each NOVO issued by the Clean Air Branch will be posted on this page until the case is closed.

Consent Order

Sometimes, a NOVO is settled through a Consent Order (CO).  A CO is a negotiated agreement between the Clean Air Branch and respondent that settles the alleged violations noted in the NOVO.  Consent Orders require a 30-day public comment period and the draft CO can be viewed on the Public Notice – Clean Air Branch webpage.


 Respondent and Docket Number NOVO Date Issued CO Public Comment Period CO Date Issued 

Respondent:  Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-03


Respondent:  Sphere, LLC, dba Pacific Aggregate

NOVO: 19-CA-EO-02


Respondent:  Kauai Island Utility Cooperative

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-05


Respondent:  Water Resources International, Inc.

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-04


Respondent:  Lanai Resorts, LLC, dba Pulama Lanai

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-06


Respondent:  Edwin DeLuz Trucking & Gravel, LLC

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-01


Respondent:  Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.

NOVO: 18-CA-EO-02


Respondent:  Maui Electric Company, Ltd.

NOVO: 17-CA-EO-07


Respondent:  Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

NOVO: 16-CA-EO-12


Respondent:  Esaki Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

NOVO: 17-CA-EO-06

Respondent:  Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association

NOVO: 16-CA-EO-09

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