Environmental Protection and Health Services


A public draft of the Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group’s report is now posted at https://www.accord3.com/pg68.cfm. Comments can be entered using the contact form at https://www.accord3.com/pg68.cfm using either the “Enter Comments Here” tab at the bottom of the page or the “Contact Us” tab on the bar at the top of the page. The Study Group will also be taking public comments at a public meeting on August 15, 2013 from 3:30p to 5:30p and from 6:30p to 8:00p at the Pāhoa Neighborhood Facility behind Bank of Hawai‘i. The Study Group is especially interested in comments on the Findings and Recommendations which are listed in the “Executive Summary” and then discussed in greater depth in Chapters IV and V. Line numbering has been added to this draft for easy reference. All comments will be compiled and considered by the Study Group before the report is finalized but the Study Group asks that comments and suggestions be focused on geothermal related health matters which is the sole mission of the Study Group.


The Environmental Protection and Health Services Section of the Hawaii District Health Office provides direct services in Sanitation, Vector Control and Food Safety Education. Services include food permits and inspections; public swimming pools, milk safety, tattoo and mortuary inspections; rodent control, mosquito control, and monitoring of nuisance vectors and introduction of new vector borne diseases. A full background on the program responsibilities and available forms can be obtained at:

This section also administers various environmental health programs assigned to the island such as Wastewater, Clean Air, Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, and Food and Drug.

Hilo: Phone:
Sanitation, Vector Control, Food and Drug (808) 933-0917
Clean Air Branch (808) 974-4000
Clean Water Branch (808) 933-0402
Wastewater Branch (808) 933-0401
Safe Drinking Water Branch (808) 933-0407
Honokaa: Phone:
Vector Control (808) 775-8860
Kona: Phone:
Sanitation, Vector Control, Wastewater, Clean Air,
Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water
(808) 322-1507