Hawaii DOH Underground Storage Tank (UST) section

Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility



PROPOSED Hawaii Administrative Rules   updated June 22, 2018


Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11 Chapter 281 – UST Rules (effective August 9, 2013)

Summary of changes to Hawaii UST rules

Act 179 Relating to Underground Storage Tanks


Operator Training Program

List of Approved UST Training Providers April 2016
Owners and operators have 120 days to designate Operator A and B and C.

Initial UST Operator Designation form

Operator Training Guidance


March 2018 Energy Policy Act – Summary Information of USTs


Environmental Health Warehouse database and Map Viewer: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks HI


UST Data Files on regulated USTs and release sites in Hawaii.


UST Technical Documents


HEER Office Environmental Action Levels (EALs) and Guidance: Screening for Environmental Concerns at Sites with Contaminated Soil and Groundwater by Dr. Roger Brewer


October 2017 – DOH’s Hazard Evaluation & Emergency Response Office (DOH HEER) has revised the Environmental Action Levels (EALs).  Please refer to the EAL Surfer for current EALs.

March 1, 2018 – DOH UST section now requires regulated UST release response actions to follow the DOH HEER TGM, DOH HEER EAL guidance, and other guidance documents on the DOH HEER website for Multi-Increment Sampling (MIS) of soil.  Groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling, soil vapor sampling, Environmental Hazard Evaluation (EHE), and Environmental Hazard Management Plan (EHMP) will follow DOH HEER guidance as before.  DOH UST operates under Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-281.

  1. Five decision units (DUs) are the MIS default for a UST excavation (four walls and floor). Additional DUs are required for pipe runs and beneath dispensers.
  2. On neighbor islands, consultants may use alternative methods described in Section 5.6 of the HEER TGM to avoid the use of methanol for soil to be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including freezing of samples and extraction into methanol at the laboratory. Soil vapor data can also be used to assess the presence or absence of significant VOC contamination at depth in lieu of soil sampling for initial site assessment to avoid methanol transport by air (see Tables C-2 and E-2 in Appendix 1 of HEER EAL guidance).
  3. See Table 9-5 in DOH HEER TGM for required petroleum contaminant analyses by fuel type.
  4. Formats for the UST Initial Release Response report and Quarterly Release Response reports may follow the format of Site Investigation reports in DOH HEER TGM 18.5.9.
  5. Call DOH UST at (808) 586-4226 for additional information.

EPA Hawaii Land Revitalization page (Brownfields)



Request for Public Record form – Request to view facility files and documents of regulated USTs in Hawaii including release sites.

Notification for Underground Storage Tanks Form – Form No. I dated 6/12 (rev 12-17) – Complete this form to notify DOH of changes to the UST or UST system.

Application for an Underground Storage Tank Permit – Form No. II dated 6/12 (rev 12-17) – Required by DOH for installation and/or operation; modification of UST system.

Certification of Underground Storage Tank Installation – (Form No. III dated 6/12 (rev 12-17) ) – This form must be submitted to DOH within 30 days after the installation of a UST or tank system.

Application for Renewal of an Underground Storage Tank Permit – (Form No. IV dated 6/12 (rev 12-17) ) – The renewal application shall be received by DOH at least 180 days prior to the expiration of the existing permit.

Application for Transfer of an Underground Storage Tank Permit – (Form No. V dated 6/12 (rev 12-17) ) – Application for the transfer of tank owner or operator shall be received by DOH at least 30 days prior to the date of the transfer.

UST Intent to Close form – Required at least 30 days before closing or removing an Underground Storage Tank.

Confirmed Release Notification form – Required by DOH within 7 days of reporting a confirmed UST release.