Hawaii DOH Underground Storage Tank (UST) section

Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (current) 

Act 179 Relating to Underground Storage Tanks

Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11 Chapter 281 – UST Rules  (effective August 9, 2013)    Summary of changes to Hawaii UST rules

May 8, 2013 Public Hearing on UST rules

Operator Training Program

  • List of Approved UST Training Providers April 2016 – Owners and operators have 120 days to designate Operator A and B and C.
  • Initial UST Operator Designation form – REMINDER!  Owners and operators must designate a Class A, Class B, and Class C operator by December  9, 2013.  These operators must be trained and certified from a training and certification program approved by DOH.  You need to submit the following information by December 9, 2013: 1) A notice to DOH identifying the Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.  The notification must include the name of each operator, the date training was completed and the name and address of each facility for which the operator has been designated.  The “Initial UST Operator Designation Form” was developed to fulfill this requirement.  2) Verification from a training and certification program approved by the DOH that the Class A, B, and C operator has successfully completed the training and is certified in the operator’s class (e.g. a copy of the certificate).
  • Operator Training Guidance

March 2017 Energy Policy Act – Summary Information on USTs

Environmental Health Warehouse database and Map Viewer: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks HI

UST Data Files on regulated USTs and release sites in Hawaii.

UST Technical Documents

Forms, Rules, Policies and Procedures

Request for Public Record form – Request to view facility files and documents of regulated USTs in Hawaii including release sites.

Notification for Underground Storage Tanks Form – Complete this form to notify DOH of changes to the UST or UST system.

Application for an Underground Storage Tank Permit – Form No. II dated 6/12 (rev 11-13) – Required by DOH for installation and/or operation; modification of UST system.

Certification of Underground Storage Tank Installation – (Form No. III dated 6/12 (rev 11-13) ) – This form must be submitted to DOH within 30 days after the installation of an UST or tank system.

Application for Renewal of an Underground Storage Tank Permit – (Form No. IV dated 6/12 (rev 11-13) ) – The renewal application shall be received by DOH at least 180 days prior to the expiration of the existing permit.

Application for Transfer of an Underground Storage Tank Permit – (Form No. V dated 6/12 (rev 11-13) ) – Application for the transfer of tank owner or operator shall be received by DOH at least 30 days prior to the date of the transfer.

UST Intent to Close form – Required at least 30 days before closing or removing an Underground Storage Tank.

Confirmed Release Notification form – Required by DOH within 7 days of reporting a confirmed UST release.