2020-2021 School Health Requirements

School Health Requirements for the 2020-2021 School Year

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2020


Beginning July 1, 2020, additional immunizations will be required for students entering childcare or preschool, kindergarten, 7th grade, and post-secondary schools, and all students entering school in Hawaii for the first time, regardless of age. The updated immunization requirements conform with current national recommendations and reflect what occurs in healthcare provider offices and clinics in Hawaii as standard medical practice.


Hawai‘i State Law for childcare facility and school attendance

Hawai‘i State Law requires all students to meet physical examination, immunization, and tuberculosis clearance requirements before they may attend a childcare facility, preschool, or public/private school in the State.

school health requirements

Physical Examination:

Must be completed within one year before:

  • First date of attendance at a childcare facility, preschool, or school in Hawai‘i; and
  • First date of attendance in the seventh grade.

Must be performed by a U.S. licensed physician, APRN or PA.


Immunizations are required for childcare facility and school attendance. Required immunizations depend on the age of the child (childcare or preschool) or grade of the student. All immunizations must meet minimum age and interval requirements between vaccine doses.

Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance:

For information regarding TB clearance requirements for school attendance, talk to your child’s healthcare provider or call the DOH Tuberculosis Control Branch at (808) 832-5731 or visit health.hawaii.gov/tb.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is required by the first day of school?

By the first day of school, all students entering childcare, preschool, or school in Hawai‘i for the first time must have:
1. A completed health record form to document that a physical examination was performed within one year before childcare facility or school entrance, and that all immunization requirements have been met.


An appointment notice from a healthcare provider for your child to complete the physical examination or immunization requirements.


2. A completed TB clearance form.

Students who have not completed the above requirements by the first day of school will not be allowed to attend school until these requirements are met.

Where do I get the “Student Health Record” form?

You can get a copy of the “Student’s Health Record” (Form 14) from the childcare facility or school where your child will be enrolled or from your child’s healthcare provider.

What if my child is transferring from another state or territory of the U.S.?

You will need to show proof that the health requirements have been met prior to childcare facility or school entry. The childcare facility or school will accept out-of-state records that meet the State of Hawai‘i requirements for physical examination, immunizations, and tuberculosis clearance.

Which immunizations are required?

Immunizations are required for all students entering childcare or preschool, kindergarten, and seventh grade, and for those students entering school in Hawai‘i for the first time, regardless of age.

Immunization Table for 2020-2021 School Year

Are exemptions allowed?

Children may be exempt from immunization requirements for medical or religious reasons, if the appropriate documentation is presented to the childcare facility or school. Religious exemption forms may be completed at the childcare facility or school that your child will attend. Medical exemptions must be obtained from your child’s healthcare provider. No other exemptions are allowed by the State.

What are the health requirements for post-secondary school attendance in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-157 require all students to meet immunization and tuberculosis clearance requirements before they attend post-secondary school in the state. For information about these requirements, see the Post-Secondary Schools: Important Notice to Students (link to info sheet).


Brochures & Supporting Materials


Childcare Facility, Preschool, and Kindergarten – Grade 12: Important Notice to Parents

Post-Secondary Schools: Important Notice to Students

Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Chapter 157


Contact Us

Hawai‘i Department of Health Immunization Branch

Website: http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/vaccines-immunizations/school-health-requirements/
E-mail: immunization@doh.hawaii.gov
Phone: (808) 586-8332 or 1(800) 933-4832

Hawai‘i Department of Health Tuberculosis Control Branch

Website: health.hawaii.gov/tb
Phone: (808) 832-5731



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