Department of Health Reports to 2021 Legislature

2021 ADAD Leg Report Annual Report pursuant to:
1  Section 321-195, Hawaii Revised Statues (HRS), Implementation of the State Plan for Substance Abuse,
2  Section 329-3, HRS, Hawaii Advisory Commission on Drug Abuse and Controlled Substances,
3  Section 10 of Act 161 Sessions Laws of Hawaii 2002, Coordinating of Offender Substance Abuse Treatment Program;
4  Section 29 of Act 40, Session Laws Hawaii 2004, Progress Report on the Substance Abuse Treatment Monitoring Program; and
5  Section 329E-6, Unintentional Opioid-Related Drug Overdose
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division 12/20
Section 321-175 &321-176 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMD) Biennial Review Progress Report covering January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020 CAMHD 12/20
Act 52 SLH2008 Report to the Legislature on the Expenditure of all funds for the Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program, Session Laws Hawaii 2008 346-59(e) Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Program 11/20
FY 2019-2020 Disability and Communication Access Board Annual Report DCAB 11/20
326-25.5 Annual Report to the Legislature on Initiatives and Improvements in Kalaupapa settlement and Track Patient and Non-Patient costs separately, whenever appropriate and possible CDPHND 12/20
321H-4 Annual Report on the Activities Under the Neurotrauma Special Funds Developmental Disabilities Division 12/20
333E-3(5) Hawaii State Development Disabilities Council 2020 Annual Report on Implementation of the State Plan HSDDC 12/20
333F 333F Annual Accounting of the Receipts and Expenditures from the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Administrative Claiming Special Fund DDD 12/20
333F-6 Annual Report on the Number of Person Waiting for Development Disabilities or Intellectual Disabilities Services and Supports and Shall Provide Reason for the Lack of Services or Supports DDD 12/20
Sec 321-225g Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Trauma System Special Fund EMS 11/20
Sec 321-234d Annual Report on the Receipt and Expenditures from the Emergency Medical Services Special Fund EMS 11/20
128D & 128E Summary Report on the Environmental Response Revolving Fund for Fiscal Year 2020 pursuant to Chapter 128D and 128E, Hawaii Revised Status (HRS), Hawaii Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. Environmental 12/20
321-27.5 AND 321-27 Annual Food Safety Branch (formerly Sanitation Branch) Audit and Sanitation and Environmental Health Education Fund Environmental Food Safety Branch 12/20
340-E Annual Report on Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Loan Fund of the Department of Health Environmental  Safe Drinking Water Branch 12/20
341-6 The Environmental Council Annual Report Environmental Council 02/21
342L-61 Annual Report on the Issues Related to Leaks of Field Constructed Underground Storage Tanks at Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility and Four other Department of Defense Facility Advisory Committee 12/20
SEC 349-5(B)(2) Annual Report on Elder Programs for the Governor and the Legislature Executive Office on Aging 12/20
Sec 321-291 Annual Financial Report for the Newborn Metabolic Screening Special Fund Family Health Services Division 12/20
Act 206 Annual Report on Child Death Review and Maternal Mortality Review Activities pursuant to Act 203, S.B. 2317, Session Laws Hawaii 2016 § 621-622 Family Health Services Division, Maternal and Child Health Branch 12/20
Sec 321-1.3 Annual Report for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Special Fund Family Health Services Division, Maternal and Child Health Branch 12/20
321-1.5 Annual Report on Recommended Primary Health Care Incentives, and Implementation pursuant to section 321-1.5 Hawaii Revised Statutes Health Resources Administration, Family Health Services Division 12/20
321-63 Annual Report on Dental Health Activities, Expenditures, and Recommendation Hospital & Community Dental Services Branch 12/20
Act 241 Annual Report Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licensing System,” pursuant to Act 241, Session Laws of Hawaii 2015 Medical Cannabis Dispensary 01/21
Section 342D‐82 State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Wastewater Branch 12/20
Sec 340B-12 Annual Report of the Activities of the Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Management FY 2019-2020 Board of Certification Wastewater 12/20
342B-15 Office of Solid Wastewater Management Annual Report on Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Management 12/20
Act 170 In response to Act 170 of 2019 Interim Report for Cesspool Conversion Working Group Cesspool Conversion Working Group 12/20
Act 254 (19) Plastic Source Reduction Working Group Office of Solid Waste Management 12/20
321-30.2 Annual Report that Outlines the Status of the Civil Monetary Penalty Special Fund. Including amount of moneys deposited into and expended from the fund Office of Health Care Assurance 01/21
NHTSA Report National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Technical Assistance Team (NHTSA): A Reassessment of Emergency Medical Services, October 14-18, 2019 NHTSA 10/2019