Department of Health Reports to 2019 Legislature


Name Subject Title of Document Program Date File Size
SCR142 SLH2018 Summary Report from the Department of Health’s Working Group to Examine Palliative Care Services and Develop Recommendations to Expand Palliative Care Services in Hawaii Department of Health  12/2018
Act 111 2017 SLH & §334-V111 HRS Annual Report Progress in Implementing the Administrative Process and the Department’s Utilization of the Assisted Community Treatment Process Adult Mental Health Divison 12/2018
§334-15 Annual Report  Annual Report on the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Special Fund Adult Mental Health Division 12/2018
§§321-195 329-3 Act161 act 40 Sec 29 Annual Report Implementation of State Plan for Substance Abuse; Report by Hawaii Advisory Commission; Report on the Coordination of Offender Susbstance Abuse Treatment Programs; and Progress Report on the Substance Abuse Treatment Monitoring Program Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division 12/2018
§321-175 and 321-176 Annual & Biennial Review Child and Adolescent Mental Health Divison (CAMHD) Strategic Plan and Review of Progess CAMHD 11/2018
Act 13 SLH 2018 Summary 2018 Task Force Report Relating to Minors CAMHD 11/2018
§326.25.5 Annual Report Initiatives and Improvements in Kalaupapa Settlement Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division (CDPHPD)
§346-59.2(e) Annual Report  Act 52 Session Laws Hawaii 2008 amended 346-59.2(e)  Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program CDPHPD with Med-Quest Division 12/2018
§103-50 Annual Report Disability and Communication Acess Board Annual Report DCAB
§333E-3S Annual Report Implemental of the State Plan Developmental Disability Council 01/2019
§321H-4 Neurotrauma Annual Report Activities Under the Neurotrauma Special Fund Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD) 12/2018
321-63 Annual Report Dental Health Activities, Expenditures and Recommendations FHSD 12/2018
§333F-6 Waiting List Annual Report Number of Person Waiting for Developmental Disbility or Intellectual Disabilities Services DDD 12/2018
§321-22.5(g) Annual Report Annual Report onthe Receipts and Expenditures from the Trauma System Special Fund Emergency Medical Services 11/2018
§321-234(d) Annual Report Annual Report on the Receipts and Expenditures from The Emergency Medical Services Special Fund Emergency Medical Services 11/2018
§341-6  Annual Report Environment Council 2018 Annual REport Environmental Council 1/31/2019
HCR86 House Concurrent Resolution of 2018 Water Reuse Task Force Report EHA 12/2018
§§128D 128E Annual Report Environmental Response Law and Hawaii Emergency Planning and Communit Right to Know Act Environmental Health Administration (EHA) 12/2018
§342D-82 Annual Report State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund EHA; Environmental Mgmt Division Wastewater Branch 11/2018
§340E-33 Annual Report Drinking Water Tretment Revolving Loan Fund Environmental Management Division, Safe Drinking Water Branch 12/2018
Act 177 Session Laws Hawaii 2016 2019 Report of Findings and Recommendations of the Early Language Working Group to Support Age-AppropriateLanguage Language Development Family Health Services Division (FHSD) 12/2018
Act 203 SB 2317 Annual Report  Child Death Review and Maternal Mortality Review Activities FHSD 12/2018
§321-1.3 Annual Report Annual Report for the Domestic Violent and Sexual Assault Special Fund FHSD 12/2018
§342L-62 Annual Report 3rd Annual Fuel Tank Study Related to Leaks of Underground Storage Tanks and other DOD Facilities Fuel Tank Advisory  Committee 01/2019
§334-10(e) Annual Report Annual Report to Governor and the Legislature on Implementation of the State Plan Hawaii State Council on Mental Health 12/2018
§334-16 Annual Report Summarizing Yearly Data on Forensic Patients at Hawaii State Hospital (HSH) HSH 1/2019
Act 184 SLH2016 Annual Report Annual Report of the Office of Health Care Assurance’s Announced,  Unannouced Visits, and Inspections Conducted Office of Health Care Assurance 1/2019
§448B-10 Annual Report Dietitian Licensure Special Fund Office of Health Care Assurance 12/2018
§321-1.4 Annual Report Office of Health Care Assurance Special Fund Office of Health Care Assurance 12/2018
Act 116 HB2729 Report Working Group Findings and Recommendation Relating to Employment of Qualifying Patients; Manufacture and Dispensing of Edible Cannabis Products Office of Medical Cannabis Control and Regulations 12/2018
§321-27.5 and 321-27 Annual Report Annual Audit Report of the the Sanitation Branch and Sanitation and Environmental Health Education Fund Sanitation Branch 1/2019
§340B-12 Annual Report Activities of the Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities Wastewater Operating Personnel 11/2018