Type of Hawaii State Licensed and/or Federal Certified Facilities or Agencies

Type of Facility or Agency

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR)

42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)



Licensure and Certification Fees for Health Care Facilities and Agencies
Adult Day Care Centers 1424
Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCH)
(Includes requirements for Expanded ARCH)
100.1 None
Assisted Living Facility 90 None
Case Management Agencies and Community Care Foster Family Homes 800
Clinical Laboratories (includes Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act (CLIA) amendments and licensed independent and hospital laboratories) 110.1 493.1-493.2001
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities None 485.50-485.74
Developmental Disabilities Domiciliary Homes (DDDH) 89 None
Dietitians 79 None
End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) None 405.2100-405.2184
Freestanding Adult Day Health Centers (ADHC) 96 None
Freestanding Surgical Outpatient Facilities (FSOF) or Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) 95 416.1-416.200
Home Care Agencies 700
Home Health Agencies (HHA) 97.1 484.1-484.265
Hospice None 418.1-418.405
Hospitals (includes Critical Access Hospitals and Freestanding Birthing Centers) 93 and 93.2 482.1-482.104 and 485.601-485.647
Infectious Waste; Management and Disposal of 104.1
Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF – IID) 99 483.400-483.480
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 850
Outpatient Physical Therapy/Speech Pathology (OPT/SP) None 485.701-485.729
Portable X-Ray None 486.1-486.110
Rural Health Clinic (RHC) None 491.1-491.11
Skilled Nursing Facilities 94.2 483.1-483.206
Special Treatment Facility (STF) 98 None
Therapeutic Living Program (TLP) 98 None