Department of Health issues red placard to Colleen’s in Haiku, Maui

Posted on Jul 16, 2021 in Newsroom

HONOLULU – The Hawai‘i Department of Health’s Maui Food Safety Branch has issued a red “Closed” placard to Colleen’s at 810 Haiku Road on Maui for a rodent infestation. The establishment was closed during a health inspection yesterday when dead and live rodents were observed at the location.

An initial inspection was conducted on July 7, 2021, and rodent feces were observed within a storage cabinet but no other indication of rodents were observed. At that time, multiple holes within the walls and installation of a door sweep were also discussed with the owner. On July 15, a complaint was received concerning a rodent seen in the dining room of the food establishment. A follow-up health inspection was conducted and the inspector observed seven dead rodents caught in snap and sticky traps in the kitchen and bar areas and three live rodents.

The food establishment closed to the public at the time of inspection. The DOH inspector posted a red “Closed” placard in the front window based upon the imminent health hazard.

Colleen’s had been receiving commercial pest control services on a monthly basis prior to the inspection. The DOH inspector required the following measures to be completed prior to the food establishment being allowed to reopen:

  • contracted pest control services that provide rodent control treatments on at least weekly basis;
  • a written procedure that staff is trained on, and the establishment is following, for monitoring and scheduling the rodent traps set out by the food establishment and pest control contractor to monitor the level of rodent activity within the food establishment;
  • a standard operating procedure for routine cleaning for areas underneath equipment within the kitchen;
  • all food items within the storage room and kitchen be properly stored within plastic closed-lid containers; and
  • covering or repairing any holes or openings within the structure.

A follow up inspection is scheduled for July 23, 2021.

The DOH Food Safety Branch protects the health of Hawai‘i residents and visitors through education of food industry workers and regulation of food establishments statewide. The branch conducts routine health inspections of food establishments where food products are prepared, manufactured, distributed or sold. The branch also investigates the sources of food borne illnesses and potential adulteration to control and prevent the spread of illness. Health inspectors work closely with business owners, food service workers, and the food industry to ensure safe food preparation practices and sanitary conditions.

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The inspection report is available at (enter “Colleen’s” into the keyword search)

PDF: Department of Health issues red placard to Colleen’s in Haiku Maui