Hawai‘i COVID-19 Daily News Digest August 6, 2020

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Governor’s Office

Surge Prompts Reinstatement of Interisland Travel Quarantine

At an afternoon news briefing Governor Ige announced that the mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling interisland will be reinstituted effective next Tuesday, August 11. The governor said that he and all the county mayors agree that additional measures are necessary to make sure that cases do not spread, uncontrolled, across the entire state. “I know many of you will be disappointed to hear this news. Interisland travel is an important way for families and friends to stay in touch. I wish this was not necessary, but your health and safety must always come first,” Governor Ige said. He encouraged anyone traveling interisland to check airport websites for updates.

The governor also addressed concerns that everything would be shut down again. He said in order to avoid further damage to the community, including to the economy, the strategy is to eliminate large, uncontrolled gatherings that are happening both outdoors and indoors.

Governor Ige had strong words for people who have let their guard down contributing to the surge in cases, “It has been very disappointing and infuriating. I hate to see people not wearing masks and gathering in large groups with little regard for safety. I know people are frustrated and everyone wants life to return to normal, but we still need to be vigilant.”

Governor Extends Condolences to Family and Friends of Latest Victims

“Today we received the heartbreaking news that two more of our neighbors passed away due to COVID-19. I want to extend my sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. This sad news comes after a tragic week where we saw record COVID-19 cases statewide, with the City and County of Honolulu hardest hit with 173 cases reported yesterday,” Governor Ige said. He added that there is no question the virus is surging and that he and all county mayors share everyone’s concerns. He noted the increase in hospitalizations and reiterated that healthcare capacity is one of the key indicators used to make sure COVID-19 doesn’t overwhelm hospital capacity. “There are already warnings,” the governor said, “that the number of hospitalizations is starting to reach a critical point.”

O‘ahu’s Act with Care – Do Not Gather Order Approved by the Governor

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell joined Governor Ige at today’s news briefing to announce an amended order that restricts certain businesses and operations aimed at discouraging social gatherings. The governor, mayor and their teams worked together to help protect Oʻahu  residents based on the best available information from the Dept. of Health. Called the “Act with Care – Do Not Gather” order, the new order is effective beginning at midnight on Sat., August 8 and remains in effect until midnight on Sept. 4. Key points of the order:

  • All city parks, recreational facilities in parks, campgrounds and botanical gardens will be closed (except for traversing to the ocean for exercise and other activities permitted by law)
  • Organized team sports are suspended
  • All beaches are closed (see DLNR item below)
  • Bowling alleys, arcades, and mini-golf facilities are closed

The mayor’s amended order allows fitness facilities to remain in operation with physical distancing and face covering measures in place, though group classes are prohibited. Many other businesses and types of services are allowed to continue operations under the amended order. Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard and Acting Prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto also provided information on stepped-up enforcement efforts to make sure people are complying with the new restrictions. See details of the Act with Care – Do Not Gather order at: Honolulu.gov

Department of Health:

Two More COVID-19 Deaths in Hawai‘i Highlight Insidious Nature of Coronavirus

Two O‘ahu residents are the 28th and 29th casualties of COVID-19 in Hawai‘i. An elderly female, with underlying medical conditions, had been a resident at a Pearl City nursing home, but then was hospitalized. An elderly man, also with underlying health issues, was also in the hospital when he died.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park said, “The passing of these people really demonstrates how rapidly and invisibly COVID-19 is spreading through our communities, particularly on O‘ahu and in some instances in association with clusters. The man who passed away was exposed by a household member who attended a spin class at a gym with a cluster of cases linked to a positive case from an airlines cluster.”

Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson in expressing heartfelt condolences to both the man’s and woman’s families and friends said, “These deaths remind us why taking personal responsibility is so critical as we continue to see this rise in COVID-19 cases. If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re around other people, wear your mask and practice physical distancing. These are proven methods to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, August 6, 2020 

Due to issues with Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) from a private clinical lab, today there was a delay in reporting COVID-19 case numbers as staff from the Dept. of Health compiled numbers.

Island of Diagnosis  

New Cases  

Reported since  


(including new cases)  












HI residents diagnosed outside of HI 


Total Cases  





++As a result of updated information, one (1) case from O‘ahu was removed from the counts. 

Laboratory* Testing Data   

There were 375 additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting. 

Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State Laboratories  






*Electronic Laboratory Reporting **15 test results were inconclusive 

HawaiiCOVID19.comCOVID-19 Epidemic Curve Hawaii August 6, 2020

For more tables, charts and visualizations visit the DOH Disease Outbreak Control Division: https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/what-you-should-know/current-situation-in-hawaii

Hospital Capacity Could be Overrun by the End of August

State Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson revealed today that intensive care units on O‘ahu could be overrun before the end of this month. Today 117 people are hospitalized statewide for COVID-19, with 115 on O‘ahu. More than ½ of ICU beds are now filled and that percentage will increase as more serious cases result from new positives. Anderson said, “The projections for the Neighbor Islands are better, but hospital capacity on the less populated islands is more fragile because they have less space and limited capacity. We are approaching a health care crisis, and bold measures are needed now to stem the increasing spread of coronavirus in Hawai‘i.” Anderson indicated that the current situation is much more serious than predicted when the state anticipated case increases as more and more things reopened. He concluded, “Bold and decisive measures must be taken now and their impact will not be seen for at least two weeks and possibly as long as a month. There will be more deaths and more hospitalizations in the weeks to come because of gathering and crowded situations that have occurred in previous weeks.”

Department of Land and Natural Resources:

All State Parks on O‘ahu Closing Effective Friday at Midnight

Large, unauthorized gatherings, social crowding, and disregard for compliance with COVID-19 safety rules is leading to the closure of all DLNR Division of State Parks units on the island of O‘ahu. The effective closure dates mirror those of the City and County of Honolulu’s Act with Care – Do Not Gather order, also released this afternoon by Mayor Kirk Caldwell, with the approval of Governor David Ige. This means parks will close after midnight tomorrow and remain closed at least until midnight on Sept. 4, 2020.

DLNR Chair Suzanne Case said, “The current surge of COVID-19 cases on O‘ahu requires immediate action for public health and safety. This surge has been attributed to not wearing protective facemasks, being in large social gatherings, and some people simply ignoring the health practices that have been implemented to try and get coronavirus under control.”

The closure includes all O‘ahu State Parks, Waysides, Lookouts, Scenic Shorelines, Recreation Areas, and Monuments. Camping is suspended and includes, Ahupua’a o Kahana State Park, Keaiwa State Recreation Area, Malaekahana State Recreation Area (both the Kalanai and Kahuku sections) and Sand Island State Recreation Area. For more information: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/blog/2020/08/06/nr20-114/

Department of the Attorney General:

AG Special Agents Arrest Resident for Quarantine Violation 

48-year-old Mark Alan Cooper of Mililani was arrested yesterday morning by Special Agents from the Attorney’s General Investigations Division for violation of the State’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. Agents report Cooper returned to Honolulu on July 27 and was spotted by an acquaintance who reported him to Hawaiʻi Quarantine Kapu Breakers, which in turn reported him to authorities. He was arrested outside his residence, was booked, charged, and has a bail of $2,000.

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: 

2,910 Passengers Arrive on Wednesday 

Today marks 19 weeks since the state’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine started for all passengers arriving in Hawai‘i from out of state. Yesterday, a total of 2,910 people arrived in Hawai‘i including 716 visitors and 939 returning residents. There was a total of 32 arriving flights. This table shows the number of people who arrived by air from out of state yesterday but does not show interisland travel.  






























Relocate to Hawai‘i 






Returning Resident 





















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