Aloha and welcome to the State of Hawaii – Department of Health (DOH).  Before you get started, we would like to share with you an overview of employment with the State of Hawaii.  We encourage you to view the presentations below before completing your new hire forms.

Welcome to State Employment               State Departmental Overview

While referring to the e-mail you received from your Division, click on the appropriate Appointment Acknowledgement link below.
It is very Important that you read & understand the Policies, Guides, and Informational Handouts provided Herein, BEFORE completing your new hire forms.

Initial or New Probation Acknowledgements             Temp. Appointment Acknowledgements             Exempt Acknowledgements

Let’s get started!  Click on the appropriate Appointment link below to begin completing your new hire forms.
Note: all forms must be completed at one time, as there is no save feature and “time-out” periods may vary; allow approximately 30 minutes to complete.  

Click here to view a New Hire Information Checklist needed to complete new hire forms.

After you have completed/e-Signed your new hire forms, you will receive an e-mail from: Adobe Sign to confirm your signature.
You MUST confirm your signature!

Once confirmed, your forms will be sent securely to the DOH, Human Resources Office.
A final e-mail notification from: State of Hawaii will be sent to you when your forms have been processed.

*Some electronically filled forms require original signatures and will be obtained at your scheduled appointment with your Assigned Human Resources Designee.

Initial or New Probation Appointment             Temp. Appointment – Less Than 90 Days             Exempt Appointment