Act 242 – Adds non discriminatory language protecting REGISTERED Patients and Caregivers for schools, medical care, custody, and housing

Posted on May 14, 2015 in Submenu

SB1291 was signed into law as Act 242 on July 14, 2015 and amends chapter 329 part IX by adding additional patient and caregiver protections that specifically address non-discriminatory requirements for the following situations:

  1. schools and landlords towards individuals based solely on the individual’s status as a qualifying patient or primary caregiver in the medical marijuana program,
  2. medical care, including organ transplants, in that the medical use of marijuana shall be considered equivalent to the use of any other medication under the direction of a physicians, and
  3. custody, visitation, or patenting time and no presumption of neglect or child endangerment.

In addition, non discriminatory language was added to the following Hawaii Revised Statutes: §421J – Planned Community Associations , §514A – Condominium Property Regimes and §514B – Condominiums – that prohibits discriminatory practices against any person with a valid 329 card for the medical use of marijuana in certain housing situations as described therein.

Read the full Act 242 here.