Parenting Support Programs

The Parenting Support Programs include a statewide system of community-based  parenting education and family support services through purchase of services  contracts and through leadership in statewide early childhood  initiatives and consortia.  Funded programs recognize and build on  parents’ strengths and address their need for information about  child development, communication and guidance skills, other life-cycle  issues, awareness of community resources, and community and  cultural support.

The Parent Line is a free, statewide telephone line that provides  support, encouragement, informal counseling, information, and referral to  callers experiencing concerns about their child’s development and  behavior or who have issues regarding family stresses or questions  about community resources.  The Parent Line also provides referral  information on other providers in the community as well as the  services listed below.

Contact the Parent Line at 526-1222 and on  the Neighbor Islands, 1-800-816-1222.

The Parent Line Distribution Office publishes and distributes  statewide, the Keiki ‘O Hawaii which is an early childhood  developmental newsletter distributed in the hospitals to first-time  parents, the Teddy Bear Post parent education newsletter,  distributed to families of preschool age children, the Keiki ‘O  Hawaii Parent Resource Directory which gives parents information  on accessing services and is distributed to parents of young children  and to agencies helping them, and the A Happy Start brochure  distributed to parents of children who are preparing to enter  kindergarten.

HomeReach provides short-term home visitation services to resolve  a parenting concern or family crisis.

Mobile Outreach (play and learn groups) provides activities  and programs to isolated or homeless families that promote  age-appropriate parent-child interaction, communication, and  positive discipline.

Community-based Parent Support Groups (via The Baby Hui)  provides parenting and appropriate child development/guidance support  through volunteer led peer parent groups.

Respite Services provides care giving relief, parent education  and support on Oahu to high risk families having crises or difficulties  with parenting and family stress.

Services for Children who have Witnessed Violence (via The  Family Peace Center) is intended to help children cope with their  emotional responses to violence and by helping the family create a safe,  stable, and nurturing environment for the child by teaching parents to have  age-appropriate expectations and an awareness of the effects of violence  on children.

Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund is a legislated(HRS §350B) public/private partnership with the Hawaii Community Foundation for  statewide grant-making activities to assure a network of primary  prevention services and programs to support and strengthen families  and to prevent child abuse and neglect.


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