Baby S.A.F.E. Program

Baby S.A.F.E.(Substance Abuse Free Environment) administers a coordinated,  community-based comprehensive approach to the problems of maternal substance  use/abuse through public/private partnerships to develop programs encompassing  both prevention and intervention strategies.  The overall goal of the program  is to decrease the use of substances during pregnancy, increase access to  early prenatal care, and prepare and refer women for substance use  treatment services.  Purchase of service contracts provide comprehensive  pretreatment, case management services for pregnant women at high-risk for using,  or currently using substances.  Current providers include:

   • Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (Oahu) • Phone: 696-1559

     • Malama Family Recovery Services (Maui) • Phone: 243-0213

     • Big Island Substance Abuse Council- BISAC(Hawaii)  • Phone: 961-5022


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