The Vector Control Branch protects residents and tourists from annoyance and diseases caused by insects and other animals. Monitoring of nuisance vectors and introduction of new vector borne diseases. Immediate response capability to contain and eradicate, or suppress, outbreaks of diseases such as rabies, plague, malaria, dengue fever, and other vector-borne diseases, abate mosquitoes, fleas, and rats during natural disasters, and contain and eradicate, if feasible, alien immigrant insect vectors and zoonotic diseases. The Kauai District Health Office Vector Control Branch provides field services throughout the island, with an office based in Lihue.
For more information about the Vector Control Branch, please visit the State Health Department website.

Vector Control Branch
4398 Pua Loke St. #B
Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: (808) 241-3306
Fax: (808) 241-3566