In collaboration with county, state and federal partners, we work to prepare Kauai County to respond to and recover from a public health emergency. This involves community outreach, education and training as well as exercising county and state response plans.

* Our staff is available to attend community events and provide presentations on public health threats as well as emergency preparedness. To request a presentation, please contact our program at 808-241-3555.

What can Kauai residents do to prepare for an emergency?

The two most important steps a Kauai resident should take to prepare for an emergency are:

  • Create an emergency plan for you and your family to include whether you will shelter-in-place, seek shelter at a relative’s or neighbor’s house or evacuate to a public shelter, and
  • Pack a 14-day emergency kit to include: bottled water (1 gallon per person, per day), dried and canned food, a can opener, a radio with extra batteries, a supply of all prescription medications, a first aid kit, extra clothes, a flashlight, cash, personal hygiene and toiletry items and a cell phone/charger.

* If you would like more information regarding how to prepare your family for an emergency, please call the Public Health Preparedness Program at 808-241-3555.

Kauai Medical Reserve Corps
If you are interested in empowering your community to prevent, respond to and recover from a public health emergency, please consider joining the Kauai Medical Reserve Corps—a volunteer organization with units across the country that increases medical surge capacity for use in an emergency.
Volunteers attend training and participate in community events by handing out information on preparedness and other public health issues.

* We welcome medically and non-medically trained volunteers, but are particularly in need of those with a medical background. For more information, please contact our program at 808-241-3555.

Disease Outbreak & Emergency Preparedness Resources

Rat Lungworm Disease
Mosquito-borne Disease
Emergency Preparedness

For further information, please visit the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Public Health Preparedness Program’s main page.

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