Safe Hawaii Award 2015: Bruce McEwan

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in All IPCS News, Core SVIPP Grant, injury prevention (all), IPCS core, partnerships

Safe Hawaii Award 2015

Therese Argoud MPH – Program Manager


Safe Hawaii Award 2015- Bruce McEwan

Left to right: Eric Tash, former IPCS Program Manager, Therese Argoud, Program Manager, Bruce McEvan, past IPAC Chair, Deb Goebert, current IPAC chair

It’s rare to have a partnership with an individual that spans so many years of significant work and that marks many milestones and progress. For injury prevention, Bruce McEwan, is such an individual. Bruce chaired the Governor’s Taskforce on Accident Prevention and Injury Control in 1986 that advocated for an injury prevention program within the Department of Health. The Taskforce became the present Injury Prevention Advisory Committee (IPAC) and the strong state and community partnership that was forged in the early 90’s with Bruce as Chair has carried through to the present.

Over the 20 years as IPAC Chair, Bruce was right there advocating for the program and the field. He helped develop the strategic planning efforts that lead to a renewed IPAC and set the direction for where we are today. Thanks to his leadership and support, we have strong foundation of funding and skilled staff within the EMS and Injury Prevention Branch that together with IPAC and other community partners readies us for the challenges ahead. It is with deep gratitude for Bruce’s years of service that IPAC awarded him the first Safe Hawaii award in July 2015.

Safe Hawaii Award 2015 - Bruce McEwan