Tai Chi for Arthritis Fall Prevention Workshops

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 in All IPCS News, Falls Prevention Event, preventing falls

Tai Chi for Arthritis Fall Prevention Workshop

An evidence-based program that is supported by the Center for Disease Control to improve balance, this Sun Style tai chi protocol was created by Dr. Paul Lam, a family physician and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patience White of the Arthritis Foundation. It is used in facilities worldwide to promote relaxation, flexibility, strength and prevent falls. The simple “Basic Six Movements,” are fun, effective and safe. Anyone can do it! Come dressed in comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.

To Register, please contact:
Ileina Ferrier, Master Trainer,
Tai Chi for Health Institute
email: [email protected]
mobile: 734-558-6283 (Hawaii)

Ileina Ferrier Tai Chi Master Trainer

Registration & Information for Honolulu

Registration & Information for KAUAI

Registration & Information for KONA

A limited number of full scholarships are available to qualified health professionals seeking certification as Tai
Chi for Health Institute Instructor. Call
the Hawaii State Department of Health at
(808)733-9202 for information.