IPAC Membership Survey 2018 Report

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in All IPCS News, Core SVIPP Grant, Hawaii Injury Prevention Advisory Committee, reports maps data

IPAC Membership Survey 2018 Report

IPAC Survey 2018 Report Therese Argoud, MPH, Section Manager Nicholas Lee Hines MPH, Core SVIPP Grant Coordinator

The Injury Prevention Advisory Committee (IPAC) has used the Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan (HIPP) 2012-2017 to prioritize and coalesce collaborative activities and substantially impacted injury prevention in Hawaii over the last five years. As the IPAC Steering Committee prepares to refresh HIPP for the next five years, they sought the input of the IPAC Membership to inform future priorities and direction. The IPAC Membership has 104 representatives and is supported by the Injury Prevention System Branch (IPSB) staff who provide expert assistance and operational support.

The IPAC Membership Survey was developed to inform the IPAC Steering Committee about the members views on the value of HIPP, the value of the Core Capacity Recommendations, achievements in injury prevention, future priorities, and member engagement. The survey was crafted under the guidance of Therese Argoud, MPH, Injury Prevention Section Manager, and Nicholas L. Hines, MPH, Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program Grant Coordinator. In order to assure anonymity a third-party consultant was contracted to manage and report the survey results.

We thank you, value your input and want to share this report.

Download: IPAC Membership Survey 2018 Report