2018 Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Campaign

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in All IPCS News, Falls Prevention Event, preventing falls

2018 Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Campaign

Stan Michaels— Fall Prevention Coordinator

The EMSIPSB and Fall Prevention Consortium’s 6th Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Campaign launched on June 12, 2018 with a press release from the DOH Communication office.  It highlights the 7 main areas of the Campaign’s focus, which includes: (1) 240 public service announcements on 3 TV networks, (2) 15 showings of EMSIPSB produced educational videos on Olelo,  (3) daily showings of our TV Special, “Fall Prevention: Securing Seniors Safety and Independence” in all Kaiser Clinic and hospital waiting rooms,  (4) FREE medication reviews and balance tests for seniors, (5) City Mill hosted meet and greet events with experts in home safety from the Fall Consortium, (6) fall prevention posters featured on 115 Express Buses (on Oahu) for the next 2 months, and (7) our 33 Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention teaching locations conducting tai chi classes for our kupuna.

All of these activities are designed to draw attention to and give valuable information on how to prevent falls.  Although Hawaii now has the lowest rate of fall injuries in the nation, we still have over 8,000 per year of our kupuna transported by an ambulance to an Emergency Room just because of a fall injury.  That is still too many falls.  We must continue to expand our reach and teach every kupuna and their loved ones how important it is to stop these preventable injuries.

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