The SMP Hawaii ( provides information to detect, prevent, and report Medicare fraud, abuse, and waste. Protecting your personal information is the best line of defense in the fight against healthcare fraud and abuse.   However, even when you do everything right, there is a chance that you could be a target of healthcare fraud.   So if you suspect errors, fraud, or abuse, report it immediately!

Call SMP Hawaii at 586-7281 on Oahu. On the neighbor islands, call SMP Hawaii toll-free 1-800-296-9422.

Learn to Detect Potential Errors, Fraud, and Abuse

  • Always review your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and Part D Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for mistakes. Access to your current Medicare account is available 24 hours a day, simply visit
  • Look for three things on your billing statement:
    1. Charges for something you didn’t get;
    2. Billing for the same thing twice;
    3. Services that were not ordered by your doctor.

If you Suspect Errors, Fraud, or Abuse

  • If you have questions about information on your Medicare Summary Notice or Part D Explanation of Benefits, call your doctor or health plan first.
  • If you are not comfortable calling your doctor or health plan, or you are not satisfied with the response you get, call SMP Hawaii.

Become a SMP Hawaii Volunteer

SMP Hawaii relies on volunteers to educate and empower older adults to take an active role in the detection and prevention of health care fraud and abuse in Hawaii.

To become a SMP Hawaii volunteer, please call the Executive Office on Aging at 586-0100 (Oahu) for more information.

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