Hawaii SHIP (www.hawaiiship.org) provides one-to-one assistance to members with Medicare, their families, caregivers, and agencies throughout Hawaii. Trained certified volunteer counselors provide consultations and presentations at no charge to the public.

To schedule a presentation for your group or for a list of upcoming events in your area, please contact us at: www.hawaiiship.org.

Hawaii SHIP Services

Hawaii SHIP volunteer counselors will answer the following:

  • What Medicare will pay for and the amount Medicare will pay for those services
  • What Medigap insurance and Medicare Advantage insurance options are
  • What prescription drug coverage and other options are available to you
  • What Medicare covers when traveling
  • What resources are available to help pay Medicare costs

Trained certified volunteers may also provide information on preventive benefits available to older adults.

Contact Information

To reach a certified Hawaii SHIP counselor near you, please call 586-7299 or toll-free at 1-888-875-9229 or 1-866-810-4379 (TTY).

Volunteers Needed

Hawaii SHIP depends on volunteers like you to carry out its mission to provide Medicare information and assistance to our communities statewide.

If you are interested in becoming a Hawaii SHIP volunteer, please contact us at: www.hawaiiship.org.

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