EI Partner Engagement

The content of this page will be available until October 31, 2023.  Please review and provide your feedback in the “Input” section by clicking on the links.  If you are interested in participating in ongoing workgroups please provide your email using the Ongoing Early Intervention Partner Engagement Padlet link under the “Workgroup” section.

SPP/APR Resources

SSP/APR Basics Training Modules
SPP/APR Target Setting Guide

Early Intervention Partner Meeting Registration

Data Resources for Stakeholder Meetings:

Input via Padlet

  • Indicator 1 (Timely Services) and 7 (Timely MDE & Initial IFSP)
  • Indicator 3:  Strategies in Having Difficult Conversations with Families
  • Indicator 3A:  Child Outcomes–Positive Social/Emotional Skills
  • 3B (Knowledge & Skills) and 3C (Taking Appropriate Action to Meet Needs)
  • Indicator 4 (Family Outcomes):  Ideas to Increase Representativeness of Surveys
  • Indicator 4A:  Family Outcomes–Knowing Your Rights
  • Indicator 4B:  Family Outcomes–Communicating Your Child’s Needs
  • Indicator 4C:  Family Outcomes–Helping Your Child Develop and Learn
  • Indicator 5 & 6 (Child Find):  Referral: BP-1, Collaboration with Referral Sources
  • Indicator 5 & 6 (Child Find):  Referral: BP-2, Identification of Infants and Toddlers who are underserved by Part C
  • Indicator 5 & 6 (Child Find):  Family Engagement
  • Indicator 8A:   Transition Plan
  • Indicator 8B:  Transition Notice
  • Indicator 8C:  Transition Conference
  • SSIP Fiscal Staffing
  • SSIP Monitoring & Accountability: Using Data for Program Improvement
  • SSIP Professional Development: Coaching Fidelity Scale Up & Social Emotional Development
  • On-going Stakeholder Engagement

PowerPoints for Early Intervention Partner Meetings:

  • Indicator 1 & 7:  Timely Services, MDE, Initial IFSP  (hyperlink:  Attachment MDE.IFSP.Services-09.14.22)
  • Indicator 3:  Child Outcomes (hyperlink attachment:  Child Outcomes-10.19.22)
  • Indicator 4:  Family Outcomes (hyperlink attachment:  Family Outcomes-10.19.22)
  • Indicator 5 & 6 (hyperlink attachment:  Child Find-08.17.22)
  • Indicator 8:  Transition (hyperlink attachment:  Transition-09.27.22)
  • Indicator 11:  SSIP (hyperlink attachment:  SSIP-11.30.22)

SPP/APR Workgroups:

Contact the individuals listed below if you are interested in participating in a workgroup to enhance the EI System in the following areas: