Annual Fee Forms for Covered & Noncovered Source Permits

At the start of each year, the Clean Air Branch reminds Air Pollution Control Permits holders to calculate and pay their annual fees for operations in the prior year.  Permittees can find all annual fee forms and instructions on this page.

Please do not confuse the submittal of CSP and NSP annual fees with your permit requirements for submitting Annual Emissions ReportsSemi-annual Monitoring Reports, and Annual Emissions/Monitoring Reports.


Annual Fee Reminder Letters

Each year, the Clean Air Branch mails out reminders to help permit holders submit permit fees and required documents on time.  The letters are courtesy reminders, not invoices;  your annual fee obligations, including the method of calculation and due dates, are a requirement of your air pollution control permit.

Please click to download the CSP and NSP annual fee reminder letters:


Noncovered Source Permits / Noncovered Source General Permits

Sources with a Noncovered Source Permit (NSP) must submit their emissions form and annual fees 60 days after the end of each calendar year.

Please click to download the NSP form:


Covered Source Permits

Beginning in 2015, every source with a Covered Source Permit (CSP) must include Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in their emissions reporting and fee calculations:  you must turn in all five (5) forms below (F-1CP, F-2CP, F-1GHG, F-2GHG & F-3CP/GHG).

The due date for CSP annual fees is 120 days after the end of each calendar year.

CSP sources with Air Emissions Reporting Requirements (AERR) should know to submit emissions inventory data via the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS).

Please click to download the CSP forms and instructions:

The following links provide important information to help calculate pollutant emissions: