Individual Wastewater Systems

How do I upgrade my existing cesspool or replace my failing cesspool or septic system?

1st step:  Hire a licensed engineer to help you develop a plan for a new individual wastewater system (IWS).   An IWS is either a septic or aerobic treatment unit system.  Here is a list of licensed civil engineers that prepare IWS plans in the State of Hawaii.

2nd step:  Your licensed engineer will submit plans to the Wastewater Branch for review and approval.  Plans may be submitted online here.  Below are a list items that need to be submitted with the IWS plans.

3rd step:  After plans are approved by the Wastewater Branch, you must hire a licensed contractor holding an A, C-37, C-37a or C-43 license.  Hiring a contractor holding a license other than what is required will not be accepted by the Wastewater Branch.

4th step:  Your licensed civil engineer should be monitoring the construction of the IWS.  At the end of construction, your engineer is required to submit a final construction inspection report with a completed contractor certification form to the Wastewater Branch.

5th step:  Your licensed engineer submits the completed IWS Construction Inspection Report with Contractor Certification Form to the Wastewater Branch.  The Wastewater Branch will issue an approval to use letter to your engineer if there are no discrepancies with the IWS Construction Inspection Report and Contractor Certification Form.  The Wastewater Branch will not be able to issue you a final approval to use of your new IWS unless these two forms are submitted by your licensed engineer.   Your new IWS will be in non-compliance if the Wastewater Branch does not issue an approval to use of your system.

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